When you hear the word “leader” what is the first word that pops into your head?

The old school model teaches us that a leader is

  • authoritative
  • influential
  • controlling

A Soulful Leader is Different.

Maybe you’re a soulful leader.

Do you consistently:

  • want to help others?
  • feel that you have a natural gift with something that could serve others?
  • feel compelled to create and refine your body of work, and feel a passion to share it?
  • feel that you’ve had a particular experience or revelation that could change someone’s life if you shared it?

A Soulful Leader is someone who is on a spiritual path and has learned how to love themselves on a deeper level.  

THE RESULT of this, is that they are able to look at the bigger picture of the world, and see what is missing.

The more you commit to continually upgrading your own health and well being, AND use spiritual connection to guide your vision and actions, the More You are Positioned to Lead Others.

Do you feel compelled to think about how things in our world could be better?

Do you have a deep passion for using your natural gifts to help others?

If so, you probably have the roots of being a Soulful Leader.

I love how Deepak Chopra describes Soulful Leadership:

You can be such a a leader. The path is open to you. The only requirement is that you listen to your own inner guide. Once you step onto this path, you are on your way to becoming what I call a successful visionary. A successful visionary makes his or her vision manifest in the world. Invisible seeds planted in the silence of your deepest awareness become tangible, visible realties. As they unfold, you will manage their growth with passion and energy. Your purpose will be apparent to all. The results you achieve will benefit everyone—-you, the group you lead, and the world at large.


I love his term “Successful Visionary” because many people equate careers that “give to others” as careers that don’t pay well, as if you have to choose between being a healer, or having money.

My mission is to help success-minded women leaders feel their own power and create more income, so they can share their body of work and have more impact on the world.

Money goes along with this…the more you earn, the more you can:

  • travel
  • speak
  • develop a powerful team
  • stay relaxed in your body, so you can continue to lead
  • get published
  • give when you want to, to whichever cause you desire
  • create a legacy


If  this resonates with you, you are probably a Soulful Leader. I encourage you to open the next page of this journey.

3 Tips to be a  Soulful Leader:

  1.  Know What Your Personal Mission Is. When you have a heart that wants to help, make sure you know HOW you want to help, as well as WHO you want to help. Once your Mission is clear,  all of your daily actions (including your marketing messaging and branding) will naturally fall into place.
  2.  Keep up with Your Spiritual Practice. It is through spiritual connection that you will gain clarity about how you are supposed to lead. It’s important to keep up your spiritual practice so that you can remain spiritually fit, and continue to have downloads channeled in.
  3. Have a Roadmap. Now that you’ve created your mission, you know the way in which you want to have impact. Now what? How will you deliver your message? Through a book? Speaking engagements? Art? Creating a professional group? Mentoring others? Creating a safe house for women in need? Clarify the roadmap which will lead you to finding the people who need your help.

If you know, indeed, that you are a Soulful Leader, begin using your journal to write about your mission, so you can go forward and make the impact you were meant to make.


Heidi Carter