It’s the middle of the workday, and my eyelids are drooping, and I am beginning to feel like a dull robot.

Attention span: down.

Productivity: almost nonexistent.

FB ads here, marketing implementation there, emails here…the list goes on and on, and I find myself wondering…can’t I just do all my business by sitting outside and working in my journal?

Can you relate?

The truth is that everyone gets bored with work sometimes. And as much fun as it is to work in a business journal, to really reach more people you need to be online: blogging, live streaming, and marketing your biz every day. Hence, the boredom blues.

So…what can you do to avoid feeling hum drum, so that you can be active and engaged with work, and get the results you desire?

Today I offer you 5 Tips To Avoid Boredom in Your Biz.

Tip One: Go outside and enjoy the weather and clouds for 5 minutes. The majestic sounds & beauty of the outdoors will connect you spiritually and help you hit “reset.”


Tip Two: Leave your office and work somewhere else for the day. Whether you work in a home office or rent an office, chances are, you are looking at the same setting and faces (or lack of faces) every day. Try working in a co-working space, coffee shop or friend’s home (or office). Seeing new people will get you inspired. 

Last week I did this twice and not only did I get re-energized, but I also got inspired to do my first Facebook Live video with a friend, got to coach outside, and made new biz connections.

Tip Three: Work in time spurts. You can promise yourself a treat to keep you going, i.e. “I will work for an hour, then take a 20 minute yoga break.” Or “I will work until 4:30 full steam, then take off early for a dinner date with a friend.” Or “I will work for 45 minutes, then journal for 10 minutes and repeat.”

Tip Four: Enhance Your Environment. Let’s say you cannot leave your home office or office away from home. Fine. Instead you can enhance your environment: light a candle, put some music on, open a window to hear the wind chimes, make some hot tea. Anything to enliven your senses.


Tip Five: Take Journal Breaks. Your productivity will go up when you feel more creative, empowered and inspired, and journaling is a great activity to create those results.

What do you do to avoid boredom in your business? Post below and share your tip with us!


Heidi Carter

Business Coach, Artist & Mentor