Have you ever felt that rich people were snobs?

What has your experience with “rich” people been?


Turns out this is a real “thing.” 

Yes, that’s right…some people who are rich do feel they are superior to others with less money.

You’ve seen this.

I’ve seen this.

I had an experience recently with this…a wealthy person acting as if they were better than those around them (including me ).


I did some research and found out that many rich people feel they are better than others bc “they made better choices.”

Okay, so right here is where we need to dissect a few things.

First of all, it’s not always that simple. We need to keep in mind that poverty is a complex issue, with roots in slavery, racial discrimination, lack of opportunities without education, sexual discrimination etc.

Also, something I help my clients with a LOT is the scarcity mentality they’ve inherited from their families. 

You see, emotions are passed on genetically. That’s right: you inherited emotions from your Mom and Dad, and those emotions exist in a mental, spiritual and physical realm, inside you.

Take those genetics, and add 18 years of negative programming, and you’ve got a person that does not believe in success, and, in fact, doesn’t even have those neuropathways in their brain.

The next thing to notice is that there are actually some things that rich people do on a consistent basis, and those actions build their wealth.

So…if we know these things:

  • there is a big gap between the wealthy and the poor, both mentally, emotionally and in bank accounts
  • some people who are rich are snobs, and some are kind generous people
  • poverty is complex, and sometimes hard to fix
  • some people have risen out of poverty and into wealth
  • wealthy people do certain actions on a consistent basis to build their wealth

It’s important for you to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want more Money?
  • Am I willing to reprogram my brain and create new neuropathways and actions?
  • Can I commit to my version of wealthy always being one that includes kindness, humility and giving back?
Today, right now,  create a new definition of “rich.” 

Create your own definition of what it means to be “wealthy.”

It’s time for all of us to create our own feminine, crazy creative, loving, badass version of being rich.

As my income grows, and I help my clients and friends build their wealth as well, I commit to always be loving, kind, humble, creative and open. ❤️ 

Women have been repressed, financially for generations. That’s why I want to help them.

If you are a woman in entrepreneurship, you are blessed to be living in 2018. 

You can create as much money and wealth as you want. 

​​And there are tools that can help you.

Here’s my commitment:
My wealth—no matter what the level—will always be used for (my family #1, of course), and then a close 2nd is using my gifts to serve the world and help women make more money.

What do you want to use your wealth for? 

If you’re ready to make more Money, make that decision today. Proclaim your new version of wealthy. Commit to what that will look like for you.

Allow yourself the gift of envisioning what your life will look like and feel like when you are earning more Money.

Then, when you’re ready, I want to help you reprogram those bugaboos in your brain, and teach you a simple way you can pivot in your business to make the income you naturally desire.

Money is good energy. 

People don’t always make good choices with Money.

But it’s not Moneys fault.

Remember to connect with the pure, spiritual energy of Money. 

Know this:

Money loves you &
Money is waiting for you.

You Can Create Your Version of Wealth.

And when you’re ready, schedule a complimentary Money Breakthrough session with me here.

Much love!