Are you comfy doodle around friends, but scared to death to be in the dating scene?

When you think about expressing your feelings to friends and family members, do you quickly find a work project that absolutely needs your immediate attention?

Almost everyone is afraid of being seen by someone.

If you’re like most of the population, you’ve got your comfort zone, and have no need to venture out, thank you very much.

Growth towards confidence comes in phases.

I used to be afraid to walk into a large room of people, now it excites me.

But go on Facebook Live and Periscope? Oh, hell no.

There’s always an edge—the next level of growth to be done.

I don’t want to step out of my comfort zone, and yet, it is time.

When Dr. Reverend Dawniel Winningham spoke at a biz conference last weekend, I felt like I was listening to a really powerful, inspiring business sermon.

She live streamed her sermon, via Facebook Live and Periscope, and then boom, it was available to however many thousands of people who were watching that day, which was a Sunday btw.

She’s killin’ it in her business, all because she just got over herself and did it.

What about you?

Do you want to go bigger in your life and biz but feel afraid to be seen?

I’m afraid of being seen, but I am willing to get over those subconscious fears, first: by having awareness of what they are.

When you think about becoming more visible in your business, what are you afraid of?

Are you afraid that you

  • won’t be safe?
  • won’t get what you want, and will have wasted your time?

Or maybe that you will

  • fail or
  • succeed so quickly, you’ll lose touch with the activities and people that mean the most to you?

No matter what your fear is, it’s time to do the spiritual work and let that sh– go.

Remember: Spirit’s got you.

So…are you ready to face your fears and subconscious beliefs so you can move forward? Play with me…

Open your journal and write:

When I think of being seen by ______ I feel ______.

Whether it’s men, or women,  clients, or children that you’re afraid of being seen by…write it all down.

And let me know what your results are, because I know that you are meant to thrive.


Heidi Carter