When I really want to achieve something in my business, I have the desire to burn the midnight oils until it is done. Can you relate?
The only problem with this work, work, work model is that it hurts your health.
While a healthy desire for achievement and success is needed to take your business to the next level, the overworking behaviors can also be a way to
  • hide from underground feelings (that you would feel if you slowed down) or
  • mask a feeling of unworth
But feelings don’t kill us. And if you slowed down for half a second, your worth would shine through.
If you don’t start taking time in your business to slow down…
  • your health will continue to deteriorate, decreasing the time you have to complete your legacy
  • you will miss out on all the aha moments that would come to you if you pulled back and allowed spiritual connection to guide you
  • you won’t be able to ENJOY all the wealth you are creating, which is the whole point of life anyway
Request: will you schedule in a time—ideally once in the morning & once at night—to slow down?
Use it for whatever you want…
  • prayer
  • meditation
  • creative business journaling
  • personal journaling
  • exercise
  • reading
Some call it Holy Hour, some call it Spiritual Practice—there’s lots and lots of names. But find it, and commit to it.
AND keep it going during your workday. When you feel stress, like you need to get a million things done, walk out of the room, and take a 5 minute break. Feel the sunshine on your face, drink a smoothie, and breathe it in:

I am Enough.

Much love,

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