Are You Really Matched with All of Your Clients?

An Exercise in Identifying Your Ideal Client

If you were to look at the business roster you’ve had for the last 6 months—would you give 5 stars to every experience?


Chances are, you’ve enjoyed some experiences more than others.


What would it feel like to know so clearly the type of person that fit you to a T, that the universe starting bringing you exactly what you wanted?


This can happen—in what I am going to call the Trickle Out Theory—and it all starts with YOU.


Join me in this quick exercise.


Step One:

In your Creative Business Journal, draw 4 columns. Label the columns (from left to right): Client, Rating, Qualities, Qualities I Like. The 2nd column (ratings) can be fairly narrow because it’s just going to have a number in it.


Step Two:

Fill Column One with a list of all the clients you can remember working with in the last 3-6 months.


Step Three:

In column 2, give each client a rating on a scale from 1 to 10, with one meaning the experience totally sucked, and 10 meaning it was both enjoyable and highly prosperous for you.


Step Four:

In column 3, write down the most memorable qualities you remember each client having, both negative and positive.


Step Five:

In column 4, write down the qualities of each client that you want to model your future client creation after. Now, if you get to a certain client that had mainly negative qualities, you can use the opposite of those, to define the qualities you do want.


What do I mean by “qualities” ???


For now, let’s focus mostly on inner qualities, rather than demographics per se. 



  • She was always on time for our meetings
  • She appreciated the extra effort I put into our work together
  • She liked to achieve results in creative, alternative ways
  • She was brilliant
  • Paying me what I am worth, was not a problem for her
  • She referred her friends to me, which brought me more wonderful clients
  • She was honest and gave me honest feedback
  • She was funny and made me laugh a lot
You get the idea.


If you’re still attracting a few clients that you know in your heart would be better served by someone else, chances are, you haven’t taken the time to ask yourself a very simple question:

What Do I Really Want?


Your business is 100% your vision.


I challenge you to stop working with clients who are better served by someone else.

Life is so short, and your time and energy are really valuable. Stop allowing toxic clients—and even business associates–into your life. Michael Port, in his book Book Yourself Solid, refers to what he calls the Red Velvet Rope Policy: a policy that only allows in your ideal clients.

red velvet rope policy


choose well

Now: the Trickle Out Theory: this theory points to the fact that once you know inside yourself what you want, you begin sharing this with friends and biz acquaintances. This effort trickles your desires out to the universe. Then your friends and biz acquaintances begin sharing you and referring you to people they know who match with your desires. Over time, your desires trickle out into a larger and larger web.

The cool thing to know is that when you take the time to get really clear about your ideal client, you will increase your revenue simply by 

  • spending less time and money on marketing to a broad range of people
  • truly stepping up your game—going for more powerful clients, and creating more prosperous business projects
  • completely living in your genius—refusing to be involved in the things you “kinda” like and are “kinda” good at, but rather really bringing your powerful genius on
The universe will magically pick up on your focused desires, and begin delivering to you exactly what you asked for.
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who is she?

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Until then, make sure and finish today’s quick exercise. It will lead you straight to prosperous joy.

Kind Regards,