How do you feel when you spend Money? 

Do you feel liberated to have the freedom to buy what you desire? 

Or perhaps you sometimes feel afraid that your spending is wrong, or that it will diminish what you have?
While almost everyone thinks about “Am I spending too much Money?”, it’s also important to notice: are you spending enough Money?

Spending Money is a part of your Money relationship, just as earning, receiving, saving and investing are all parts of this relationship.
The more sacred your relationship to your Money Soulmate becomes, the more you know when spending feels right, and when your Money doesn’t want to be spent. 

As your Money relationship grows, your love and trust of Money will grow as well. 

Trusting Money will change your life.

It will dissolve your Money fears. You can earn and spend well, with complete assurance that the universe is an abundant place.

When you truly trust Money, you will know that you can spend Money, and that Money will lovingly replenish what has flowed out. 

If you are rarely spending Money and stowing away every dollar into your savings, this constriction could mean that you do not yet trust Money, so this is something to pay attention to.​​

If you are spending the right amount, you will know it, because it will feel easeful, and in alignment with your integrity as well as desires. ​​

It’s also important to have respect for Money. Sacred spending does not mean abusing Money, or spending without connecting to Money.

When you are about to spend Money, are you connecting spiritually first? Are you checking in with your Money Soulmate? 

If a question comes up for you, you can pause before spending. Sit down for a moment, and pray. Get connected to God first, and then to your Money Soulmate. 

Money may want to be spent on something glorious, or may want to hibernate and grow in your accounts. 

But just like any relationship, you have to communicate with Money, to know when the spending is right. 

Sacred Spending can look like you connecting to Money 

  • before you pay the bills
  • when you have something yummy you want to buy
  • when unexpected expenses arise

If you’ve taken the time to do the inner Money work, and think of Money positively, then you will trust that communicating with Money will help the two of you work in balanced harmony.

And your spending will feel just right. ****

Sacred SpendingFeels Good