Recently, someone spoke of a dream and said, “Yeah, but at this age, that ship has sailed.”

I chuckled, because I most certainly have had that experience before—accepting that some things just change as we grow and develop. For instance, if someone in their 70’s wanted to be in the Olympics, well—that’s probably not going to happen.

EXCEPT…..did you know there have been several Olympic participants who were in their 70’s?

The same self-limiting beliefs bombard women in their 20’s and even 30’s. I saw this with a young friend of mine who was a marketing guru and often times was questioned because of her age. Who was she to be in charge of something as important as the marketing of her prospective client’s business? Clearly, she was not seasoned enough.

Well, the main qualifications were that she was a well-educated, quick, bright, social-media-obsessive badass who could rock their marketing plan!

I have the luxury of receiving constant proof that the “this ship has sailed” belief is not always accurate. As a coach whose superpower is intuition, I can instantly see the strengths of my clients, which makes their dreams seem SO POSSIBLE. But that damn fear thing nearly blinds them.  It’s like a black board has been placed right before their eyes, making it impossible to see into the future. I’ve experienced this before as well, so I know how painful it can be to really believe there is no ship to sail on. But the truth is that once that black board is removed, it becomes obvious that the ship has been waiting, patiently, all along.

The sweetest days of all, are the days I get to celebrate with my clients, as we look upon their successful completion; a business project that has been fully, creatively, prosperously finished. In other words, in the sailboat analogy, they reached their destination.

Last week, my soul was nourished by the beauty of the majestic West Texas mountains, and I felt:

  • strong
  • confident
  • humble
  • giving
  • ready
  • capable





I am ready to embark on the next step in my career, and what I am realizing is that this is the perfect age to do it.

Wherever you are in the age book, I want to empower you to take off the limiting, boring label you’ve attached to your age.

You’re not too old. You’re not too young. You are just right.

Because the truth is, the ship has not sailed.

The ship would never sail without you.

Because…. your life IS the ship, and every thing you put energy into is you sailing.

So the real questions become:

  • What do you want?
  • Are you willing to go for it?

I see your passion.

I honor your fears.

And I invite you to step over them.

Yes, my dear, it is time to raise the sails, and get back to those dreams of yours, that are ready to sail.

Kind Regards,



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