Like a horse that broke free from the fences, and ventured onto the beach, wild and free: you became an Entrepreneur.

You had an independent spirit. You weren’t like the other horses.

You didn’t want to clock in for the boss man. You had a mission…a purpose, and your own way of doing things.

Whether you were seeking

*Time Freedom

*CreaTivE Projects or

*The opportunity to make more money on your own….

You just had it in you to become an Entrepreneur.

Now you’ve been in it 4 years…maybe even 7 or 8 years, and while you’ve created sustainable, consistent income, you also know there is more. Way more.

Once my clients begin doing the spiritual Money work, they begin to see…

They Are Powerful.

Their Vision is Bigger than They Thought.

Big Things are Possible.

So how can you build the really big things?

Accept it: you are  going to have to hire more people to help you. Not just coaches either. Also assistants, salespeople, possibly a book keeper, marketing consultants, and then eventually (if you desire it) employees and an HR consultant.

Whatever your vision entails, you cannot do it all on your own.

Your vision depends on your expansion.

This is where the rubber meets the road in your business.

Basically, if you want to expand your business, you have to have the money to pay for it.

You pay your taxes.

You take owner’s draw out of your biz to pay your personal bills (i.e your profit).

So, how will you pay for your ever-expanding overhead expenses as you decide to go bigger in 2018?

Clearly, you need to raise your prices.

Oh, no! (Your fears say).

Your fears are very good at convincing you that your work is not really that valuable, and that no one would pay that price.

So…get in touch with your Higher Self. Your soul’s essence. She knows the deep value you bring. She knows that you change lives. Forever.

If you are questioning whether or not to raise your prices, you are questioning your worthiness.

Are you worthy of higher prices? Of course you are.

Raising Your Prices Exercise:

  1. Write down the name and price of your current #1 offering that you want to focus on in 2018
  2. In your journal, write down 5 ways your clients’ lives are forever changed after working with you.
  3. Write down how these changes affect their lives: their mood, mindset, relationships, health, bank account, opportunities and creativity. Anything and everything!
  4. Cross out your old price.
  5. Write down a higher price that feels right.
  6. Cross out that price and write down another price, that is way higher…i.e. high enough to make you feel uncomfortable.
  7. Journal about “To charge this price, I  need to become….” and write any and every detail you can think of about who you would need to become to charge that price. Maybe you need to hold your confident energy more, and not be a people pleaser. Maybe you need to become someone who deepens the value of your offering even more, so you can charge that really high price, knowing you are totally changing lives. Maybe you need to become more creative, or structured….whatever it is for you, write it down.

This may require you to finesse your current #1 offering so it really, truly forever resolves your client’s problem.

This is Quality.


Own your value and give your #1 offering your deepest attention, and clients will pay you what you are asking.


Much love, Heidi Carter