Building Inner & Outer Wealth

with Heidi

A Business Workshop that will Strengthen Your Confidence & Upgrade Your Bottom Line

Have you ever noticed that when you feel good on the inside, people are naturally drawn to you?

The same is true in business: when you know what you want and feel confident about getting it, opportunities fall into your lap. People show up, ready to assist you. Money keeps landing in your Paypal account.

Hello, I am Heidi Schlenk, and I am honored to help you, as a business owner,  build inner and outer wealth, doing what you do best.


You are a natural born leader, with rare, unique gifts. Everyone who knows you, sees this.

But do you fully understand the depth of your talents?

Whether you are just starting out, or are already successful in your business, you KNOW it's time to take your Vision to the next level.


If you are already successful in your business, this workshop is a wonderful opportunity to prepare for the next phase in:

  • creating a body of work you've been "meaning to get to"

  • take your wealth to the next level

If you are in the first few years of creating your business, this is a great time to:

  • get clear about your mission

  • decide on a product or service you are VERY excited to offer

  • ask for what you're worth

The bottom line is that no matter where you are in your business development, you will become stronger as a



when you are in community.

Don't Do This Alone.

Join a Tribe of like-minded, powerful women. Build long-lasting relationships.

Your growth will be expedited exponentially when you come with an open heart to your tribe, and share your desires, plans, fears, and excitement.

This is the natural way we grow.

Isolation= Slow Growth.

Tribe= Fast Growth.

Join us for:

You are invited to this 6 part Business Retreat Series.  You can come to one, or all 6.

All of the retreats will be held at Sage & Sweetgrass Wellness Spa, owned by Dr. Alina Sholar. The spa overlooks the beautiful Lake Travis.


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The retreats will be held 10-1, for the following dates:

  • June 27

  • July 18

  • August 22

  • September 26

  • October 24

  • November 14


The Business Retreats will be focused on a simple process:

  • 1

    Spiritual Connection

    Your business inspiration and direction, begins with you making spiritual connection. This becomes your primary business practice, from which, everything else grows and blossoms.

  • 2


    From your spiritual connection, you begin to understand and define what your Business Mission is. Your Business Mission defines what the aim or purpose of your business is. In other words who you want to help, how you want to help and why you want to help. This is a foundational building block in your business, and if you've been in business awhile, you may need to revisit and update your mission, because your mission might have changed!

  • 3


    No matter where you are with your biz, there is always room to strengthen your connection to welcoming and growing your wealth. This is where you get to redefine what you want your relationship to money to look like and feel like. Whether we are envisioning what you want, setting goals, developing new pathways in your brain, setting intentions, or strengthening your money practice, there is a lot of depth to this work, which, if done with spiritual connection, will invigorate your wealth, both internally and in your bank account.

  • 4


    Building and maintaining a prosperous business is all done through building supportive, collaborative, prosperous relationships with other like-minded individuals. Don't try to do this alone. Be a part of a tribe.

  • 5

    Creative Business Planning

    Which product or service do you want to focus on right now? Not sure? We will take you through a creative business planning process that involves spiritual connection coaching. You will walk away with a visual touchstone in your creative business planning journal so you can continue to connect with and add to your plans.

  • 6


    When you feel ready for something new and BIG in your business, but also feel afraid, it is time to boost your self-beliefs, so you can feel empowered and move forward, Coaching the support of your tribe, will help you upgrade your self-love and self-beliefs, so you can catapult your biz to the next level.

Come play with us!

Learn how to record all of your genius ideas into your Creative Business Journal. Your business planning experience will never be the same.

You've been thinking about this for awhile---finishing or deepening a soul project.

soul play

Are you ready to finish that project that is a full expression of you ?

Are you ready to receive more money?

Reserve Your Spot for July 18

$250  Your Cost: $97

Reserve Your Spot for August 22

$250  Your Cost: $97

Reserve Your Spot for September 26

$250  Your Cost: $97

Reserve Your Spot for October 24

$250  Your Cost: $97

Reserve Your Spot for November 14

$250  Your Cost: $97

Reserve Your Spot for all 6 Workshops 

Investment: $497 (save $85)

From this Retreat You Will:

  • Feel so connected to what you're business mission actually is, your determination will explode!
  • Realize you are deserving of all the wealth you could ever want
  • Get 100% clear about what is next in your business
  • Feel more confident + supported
  • Uncover blind spots that have been holding you back and heal them
  • Learn how to do Creative Business Planning in your Creative Business Journal
  • Unlock your intuition and creativity!
  • Learn how to rely on spiritual connection for business direction


Walking into the spa and instantly feeling relaxed and prosperous.

Creating your Creative Business Plan with a journal and art supplies.

Connecting with other like-minded business owners in a beautiful setting.

Being coached in an expansive setting and realizing anything is possible.

Also available at the retreat: Spa Tapas---little tidbits of spa lusciousness to take advantage of as part of your workshop. Spa tapas are $20 for a 15-20 minute treatment and you have lots of choices to choose from:

  • 1

    Chakra-balancing Chair Massage

  • 2

    Mind-Invigorating Scalp Massage

  • 3

    Reflexology Warm Paraffin Hand Treatment

Unlocking your Creative Business Plan with art supplies!


Here's What My Clients Are Saying About Me:

Jordana Ford

Heidi has helped me address self-created roadblocks that I did not even know were there. She has the ability to zoom in on the subtle self sabotage and the fears that sidetrack success. I have clarity about my business vision and the confidence to create my dream now. I just landed one of my biggest deals ever and know there is so much more to come. Currently, I am helping a past client purchase a $1.2 million dollar home and sell the current $500k home at the same time. Practicing with authenticity and love for my clients keeps them coming back. My prosperity mindset has allowed me to focus on the service and KNOW that prosperity would come from that. Now that I can allow myself to be successful and prosperous, nothing is standing in my way.


Jordana Ford Owner, Blue J Realty
Beth Liebling,

I am prone to understatements, so when I say that I wouldn’t have started my new business if I wasn’t working with Heidi, I mean it completely.  Her calm support, incredible insight and ability to help me focus my professional vision and direction have been my anchors during the past year.  I turn to her when I am feeling overwhelmed or adrift by the inherent challenges of a new venture and she has never failed to help me find a positive way forward.  I have gained new perspectives, more confidence, and many more resources than I ever would have imagined.  Heidi has surpassed all of my expectations for a coach and I recommend her to my friends and even my children regularly.  She is one of the best investments I have ever made; the dividends from working with her are immeasurable. 

Beth Liebling, Attorney at Law
Lauren Garcia

Heidi helped me gain the confidence I needed to run my business to the best of my ability. I went from thinking I should charge $59 for a program, to charging $870!! And guess what? The second I switched my mindset and changed my pricing, I had clients sign on immediately! She’s been an awesome mentor, coach,  and spiritual/creative guide. I have laughed on my calls with her, cried, and experienced some amazing breakthroughs. Plus, the community of women in her program that I’ve gotten to be a part of, is priceless. We constantly seek advice and guidance in our private facebook group, and pick each other up when the other is feeling down, confused, upset, or excited about something in our lives and businesses. I love Heidi!

Lauren Garcia Owner, Launch Media

Shelley Delayne

When I first started working with Heidi, I knew I wanted to start a new business, but I wasn’t sure what to do. I had a million ideas and no clear direction. Just meeting Heidi casually and seeing her Facebook posts on a regular basis had been enough to spur me to start art journaling for the first time, so I was fairly sure she could help me dig out the right direction and nudge me toward it. I have never been more correct in my life: Heidi quickly helped me to create a safe and happy mindspace, where I could hear my inner voice speaking surely and clearly. Now I’m feeling clear on my purpose and passion and am eagerly pursuing my new endeavor: creating a creative, collaborative coworking space in south Austin!

Shelley Delayne Owner, Orange Coworking


  • Q.Is lunch included?

    A.Light snacks and beverages are included, but lunch is not. However, you are invited to join us after the retreat for lunch at the Oasis restaurant. This is a great way to deepen your connections with your new business BFF’s. This luncheon is optional and the cost is not included in the retreat registration fee.

  • Q.Will I need to bring my own creativity supplies for the Creative Business Journaling?

    A.Yes, a short supply list will be emailed to you upon registration.

  • Q.If I register, then something comes up last minute and I cannot attend, will I be refunded?

    A.While no refunds will be given, you can transfer your registration fee to another retreat date.

  • Q.This is a business event, do I need to dress up?

    A.The dress attire is classy casual or classy chic. We will be using art supplies, so if you have a little mini-apron to protect your clothes with, feel free to bring it.

Each retreat is limited to 15 participants...Reserve Your Spot Now!

We look forward to helping your business grow.

Kind Regards,


Heidi Schlenk