When you awaken in the morning, what are your first thoughts? (I have trained my brain to go straight to gratitudes).

Then what?

What if you were to lay in bed for an extra moment and just acknowledge and appreciate your body? There it lays, strong and willing to face the day with you. Beautiful in its feminine form.

It’s true: there’s no such thing as “always” being in balance in our bodies. Sometimes we choose to work too many hours, or eat french fries and drink wine on the weekends (raising my hand).

BUT…you still have an amazingly strong and beautiful body.

There is a way to stop berating your body, and it begins with awareness. When negative thoughts come up, noticing them, first. This is HUGE. Only totally.

Then gently try on something else.

Find even the smallest of things that you love about your body, and tell yourself what you notice.

This will increase

  • your mojo; your confidence
  • your feelings of actually truly loving yourself loyally, no matter what

And of course these will affect the opportunities you attract to your life. Because when you fill yourself up with self-adoration, you don’t need the rest of the world to do this for you. While neediness scares people away, confidence is palpable and draws people in.

What is one thing you can do this weekend to love your body more?

Email me and share it with me… I would love to hear it!

Cheers to your confidence and success,

Heidi Carter