In yesterday’s blog, we reviewed the three parts of client creation:

  1. Knowing Your Niche & Ideal Clients by Heart
  2. Living by Your Client Creation Rules of the Road
  3. Using Your Client Creation Process

You wrote out your Client Creation Rules of the Road. If you did not get a chance to read yesterday’s email, you can read it on my blog to catch up.

Today is part 2 in this 2 day email series, where we will take a look at your actual Client Creation Process.


I have 3 steps to help you get started refining your Client Creation Process.

First, in your journal, brainstorm all the steps that you DO know in your client creation process, beginning with meeting someone. Keep in mind, this is just a brainstorm to help you sort out what will become a Client Creation Flow Chart.


Ideas might look something like:

  • meet someone
  • exchange business cards
  • set up consultation
  • meet for coffee

For me, the first part of my process is to discern if the person I just met is someone I want to connect with in a more personal way (friendship) or business related way (either business acquaintance or prospective client).


If a person is clearly someone I want to connect with in business, the next thing to figure out is which category do they fit in for NOW (may change later):

  1. business acquaintance (someone I could share resources with, become referral partners with, or become business friends with).
  2. prospective client

Two questions I ask myself to figure out if they are a prospective client:

  1. Do they need something that I could help them with?
  2. Are we drawn to one another personally (as in we like each other)?
  3. Do they seem like the kind of person who would take action?

In my industry (coaching), I tend to work with clients long term in a personal arena, so I want to make sure that the person fits these basic requirements before I invest more time in the possible client/coach relationship.

This is where your intuition comes in. You can tell when someone is in pain about something you could help them with. You know if you are drawn to a person. And you can tell if they are drawn to you.

Second, put your steps into a flow chart, so you know what comes next.

Your flow chart images could look something like this:




Play around with a couple of versions, until you get your flow chart like you like it.

Third, use this flow chart weekly. Pencil it into your schedule to glance at it once a week.

What does your Client Creation Process look like? Share with us on today’s blog (below)…I look forward to hearing what you come up with.

And if you want to get face-to-face live training on your Client Creation Process, join the 7 Day Soulful Business Success Challenge….this is one of the subjects we will cover in our content + live calls.

I will be leading you, in real time, through your own process, and you will walk away with:

  • a custom made Client Creation Process (flow chart + much more) that fits you and your industry
  • emotional know-how to show up more openly and confidently, so you can create new clients

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Heidi Carter