God played a joke on me when I became a coach.


I had always felt like I was in the minority. I was in the teeny tiny group of people that had insecurities and fears.


But then God showed me that I am actually part of the majority. No matter how successful, “together” or sophisticated another person seems, they ALWAYS have fears and insecurities and have to manage that.


To be vulnerable, I will share that my temptation, often, is to bury my insecurities and fears by either 1) projecting (“oh, yeah, I’ve got it all together!), or 2) hiding.


The only problem with projection is that it is fake and unsustainable.


The only problem with hiding, is that isolation creates poverty.


This year, I am LEARNING (as in, always learning) how to catch myself when I am projecting and speak from my heart.


And, most importantly,  to come out of hiding.


You are a business owner.


So my question for you is: are you hiding? 


You will know you are hiding if:

  • everything is going as planned
  • you have a limited number of friends
  • you are not making enough money
  • you don’t REALLY like what you do
  • your fears are so overwhelming, you feel frozen

You will know you are coming out of hiding if you are:

  • getting a HUGE thrill out of your work
  • making mistakes
  • feeling vulnerable and embarrassed sometimes
  • making more money than you were before
  • getting calls and emails from people who want to get to know you more

The reason you are feeling embarrassed sometimes is DIRECTLY related to why you are getting more calls and emails.


It’s because you are



That means you are making mistakes, because there IS no script that will tell you how to be perfect. I’ve fallen on my ass many a time. But at least I wasn’t hiding.


The good news is your ideal clients WANT to see the real you.  They’re  tired of fake. They’re tired of sales pitches. They’re tired of feeling like someone is trying to take something from them. They want a real soul, a real person. THAT is the kind of person they will pay the big bucks to. Someone who is living out loud.


You are a leader. You would not own your own business if you were not. I promise you, your peeps want to see you. They want to feel you. They want to see that you fail sometimes, because that gives THEM permission to fail!


Getting my first Healing the Heart of the Entrepreneur group going was my coming out party.


Because, I too, am a leader. I love to lead. Building community literally knocks my socks off!


I could have waited until all the content and launch materials were perfect before I released it, but this process of the pay-what-you-can model (for my first run of the program) has gotten my work OUT THERE.


It was soooo ready to be born.  It’s my soul work.


I want you to get your work out there


Don’t wait for perfection.


This puts you in the position of

  • serving others with your genius and love
  • receiving
  • growing


Just remember, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT!!!

perfect, NO!

Until we meet again, I would LOVE to hear about what launch you’ve been dreaming of, but also hiding from.

Email me!

I want to hear about it.

All my best,