Monday hits, and you are eager to hit the ground running and hit your income goals, having the ride of your life…..
BUT….Wait, just a second.It’s Monday.
It’s the beginning. How you approach Monday affects your whole week.
It’s time to get aligned, first. To connect spiritually, and make sure you know where this boat (your Big Vision) is headed.
Avoid the temptation to jump into the nitty gritty of your biz, until you’ve gotten aligned and made a plan that feels authentic and exciting to you.Today I will share four of my Divine Weekly Systems for getting the week started with vigor and intention. Making the time to make this Divine Business Success Plan each Monday will set you on a trajectory for getting the results you desire in your biz.

Divine Business Success Plan 

One: Set Your Intentions
If you jump right into the doing of your business, without a plan, you will get similar results to jumping into your car and trying to get somewhere without a map.

Make some time to light a candle and connect spiritually, and receive the answers you need for the week.

Ask God or Source to let you know what to do  in these four areas in particular:

  • Big Vision: This is your long term 1-5 year plan of where you are headed. If you don’t have this plan, it’s recommended that you define this, otherwise you’ll end up spending all your time working only with your current clients and the upkeep of your business, and never planning and executing the steps necessary to get to your next Divine Goal!
  • This Week: What are your intentions for the week? Write them down
  • Money Intentions: Ask for guidance on how to create prosperity in your business this week, then listen and write down your download. Next, look at the numbers. If you follow up on each biz opportunity in front of you this week, what will your desired income be? Work out the numbers and write down your Money Intentions!
  • I Want to Feel: How do you want to feel this week? Set the intention with words, and that clarity will help you create the experience you seek.

Two: Make a Weekly Plan. 
Find a place that is visually accessible to you, like your whiteboard, or even a piece of paper you can post up in your office. All you need to do is write each day of the week down and include daily tasks, appointments, deadlines and intentions for each day. Having this weekly plan somewhere you can see it, will help you always feel clarity about what is going on!


Three: Money Meditation
Doing a Money Meditation​ may become a daily activity for you, but it should definitely be done on Monday, at a minimum.
Read our previous blog to learn how to create your Daily Money Meditation.​

Daily Money Meditation

Four: Daily To Do/Success List
This is a very simple practice described in the book The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. 
For this daily practice, buy a spiral notebook, and each day open up to a new page and draw two columns. On the left column write “To Do List” and in the right column write “Success List.” Focus on the success list first: these are tasks that create clients, revenue and bigger opportunities for you. The “to do” tasks are more the everyday tasks that you need to get done, but are not as big of a priority. 


To do list


Create your Divine business systems, and your business will be driven to the next level of success!

Much love,