Have you ever had a creepy experience with someone who was trying to sell you something? 
If you’re like me, you have probably refused to give your money to people who pressured you, or lost interest in you, when they didn’t immediately make the sale.
This scenario reminds me of some of the disgusting guys I’ve dated before—-men who wanted just one thing from me, then when it was obvious they weren’t going to get it immediately (if ever), they were done with me. Gross.
And “gross” is probably what you think of when you imagine “selling” the products and services in your business. 
You are an authentic, deep, caring individual. You don’t ever want to be perceived as the creepy salesperson. 
And yet, you need to sell your products and services to make a living.

What separates you from creepy salespeople is how you show up in your client creation process. 

If we were to continue looking at the client creation process through the dating lens, there really is a “sweet spot” that can be found.
We’ve all been on amazing dates before.  Whether it was with someone you were dating or even a life partner, the reason the “date” was successful was because
  • You shared yourself.
  • The other person shared them self
  • You connected 
  • You felt excited about the next step
This initial part of the client creation process probably comes fairly naturally for you, as an intuitive woman business owner.
What I want to highlight is where you get stuck, and how to get unstuck. 
3 Tips to Create Clients Authentically:
  1. Know who you want to work with and where to find them. If you aren’t clear about this first piece, you are likely to mis-target your craft with the wrong peeps. In other words, you will end up in networking events + workshops where very few ideal clients are in the room. In dating terms, this would be like a straight guy going to a gay bar to find a woman to date. To pinpoint who you want to work with, think about how you want to feel when you work together. Imagine the best scenario you could ever have with a client, and notice what personal qualities they have that make the experience so positive and exciting. 
  2. Connect. As a woman, connecting probably comes easily for you as far as listening to and being there for the prospective client goes. What I want to challenge you to also do is  keep paying attention to your own feelings and intuition. Yes, it’s once again like a date. If you’re only focused on the prospective client,  you’re not going to be aware of what’s actually going inside of yourself, to see if you want them on your roster. In addition, if you’re only focused on getting something out of the person—the “sale”— (i.e. strategizing and manipulating to get what you want), YOU are gonna come off loud and clear as that gross guy none of us want to go out with!Allow it to unfold naturally, slowly. Initial connections, may not lead to an immediate client creation. Sometimes it takes more connecting + time to see if you really are a fit for one another. The next step is where it may get more challenging for you. 
  3. Invite them to Join You (Ask them out). Two people can mildly connect forever without actually taking it to the next level. If you really like this person, and feel that they enjoy you also, AND you know you could help them, invite them to the next step. For coaches, that means inviting them to a coaching session, if you own a brick and mortar business, it could look like inviting them into your shop….you get the idea. Maybe they will end up a client, maybe they won’t, but you have to take one another for a ride to find out. 
What if it feels hard to invite a prospective client to join you? Here are some things you can read to yourself in front of the mirror every day:
  • ​If I don’t invite them, they will probably remain stuck, so I choose to lend a helping hand. 
  • My work is a big gift to the world and I choose to share it.
  • We may or may not be a fit for one another, but I intend on finding out.
  • I have deep value—I’m worth a lot.
  • I focus on the value I bring to the table.
  • I am not on sale. I say “yes” only to the prospective clients I really want to work with.  

Your Income is Not About “Sales”—it’s about connection and service.

So start connecting, and adding value to the universe with your gifts. 

Much Love,



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