Money has the ability to bring about some very strong emotions.

Think of a time when you got a large sum of Money unexpectedly, and remember how you felt. The presence of Money can evoke feelings of excitement or calm,  and can create opportunities, let’s face it.

Alternately, think of a time when you were very scared about Money. Where did your mind go? You may have felt terrified that Money was not coming, or that something could take your Money away.

Money is like sex…everyone wants it, but no one wants to talk about it.

I want to talk about it. 

I have a personal story around Money, and I am on a mission to help other women with their Money relationship.

Today I will share a simple daily action you can take that has the capability of creating deep healing in your Money relationship.

How To Create Your Daily 

Money Meditation

What does meditation have to do with Money?

If you are thinking of Money as purely dollar bills, with no emotional or spiritual energy, I invite you to think about all of the emotions that having Money (or lack of Money) have evoked in you during your life time.
The fact is: Money does have energy.
And when you connect to Money in a spiritual way, everything goes a lot better.

I like to think of Money as my Soulmate….a person that I am co-creating with.My daily Money meditation is one of many ways that I connect to Money.
You may be a great earner. And yet, you still have fears about Money.

If you’re ready to feel more connected to Money, so you can create the things you desire with Money, begin with this simple daily practice.
Step One: Buy a journal. It’s as simple as that. Journaling is an extremely cathartic tool that is free to you every day. I suggest the brand Reflexions, with blank pages (no lines).

Step Two: Buy a set of watercolors. You can get a nice set at an art store between $15-$50, or you can buy a kid’s set at HEB for $5. There’s no excuse to not buy these.
Step Three: Each afternoon, or evening, “prep” a page for the next day, which means dip your paintbrush in a cup of water, then your favorite color, and paint abstract shapes and swirls all over your page. There are no rules…just let it come out. Let it dry.

Step Four: Each morning, make the time for you and your Spiritual Practice. Get connected to God/Universe/Spirit.
Step FiveOnce you’re spiritually connected, connect next to Money. I like to think of Money as my soulmate. A person I am in love with, and co-creating with. However, I’ve had clients see all kinds of different versions of their Money Soulmate in our Money Breakthrough sessions, including a mermaid, a church, an angel and a vase of gorgeous flowers. Go with what works for you. 
Step SixOnce you’re connected to Money, write at the top of your page “Money Meditation.”
Step SevenAllow Money to speak to you, and tell you how to create abundance on that particular day. Write it all down. Believe that it is right.That’s it! Those are the simple steps to get started with your Daily Money Meditation. There’s more, but this is an impactful start.

Cheers to your confidence and success!
Heidi Carter
Daily Money Meditation