Have you ever been to a networking event, only to wake up the next morning wondering what to do with all the business cards on your desk?

Does your heart have a huge desire to serve, but you feel afraid to approach someone you are really interested in working with?

Girl, you need a client creation process.



But first, let’s define your Rules of the Road.

You see, there are three parts to creating clients:

  1. Knowing Your Niche & Ideal Clients by Heart
  2. Living by Your Client Creation Rules of the Road
  3. Using Your Client Creation Process


Welcome to this two day blog series that will help you get started on filling your roster with clients you love.

Client Creation Rules of the Road

Client Creation Rules of the Road are the fundamental principles that guide your process. They are not the actual process itself.

Today we will cover your Rules of the Road.

Tomorrow you will define your own Client Creation Process.


First, in your business journal, write:

My Client Creation Rules of the Road:

Second, brainstorm on this page the principles you want to live by, as you create clients.

Here are a few examples of mine:

  1. Take Your Time.
  2. Let God Lead the Way,
  3. Be Open to Possibilities!
  4. Develop Relationships.

That’s today’s first step. I want it to be actionable for you.

Tomorrow I will help you develop your own Client Creation Process.

Please comment below about your Client Creation Rules of the Road.
And if you want  to refine your client creation process, join the 7 Day Soulful Business Success Challenge….this is one of the subjects we will cover in our content + live calls.
Heidi Carter