Would you feel conceited to say “I am in love with myself,” ????

About 7 years ago, I went through one of the most painful times in my life, and I had to learn how to do this very thing.

 The way I describe it is I was standing, looking at the pathway of my life before me, and God said, “Nope. We’re going this way now,” and turned me around 180 degrees. 

And just like that, my life took a new direction. 

I won’t go into all the details of this story, but what I do want to share with you is that in this journey I came to realize that I had always depended on others to love me, to feel loved.

Now, it was my turn. I had to learn how to be stronger. I had to learn how to love myself, and even feel in love with myself.

Have you ever wanted to know how to feel in love with yourself?

Today I can look back at the last 7 years and see that there have been a lot of ups and downs in my self-love.

Just like the term “work-life balance,” we are never completely balanced 100%, forever. 

It’s like we are on a balance beam, so we go in and out of balance. 

However,  the INTENTION is always there, and if there is a daily practice there to back it up, then the balance becomes stronger, overall. 

Same thing with self-love. We will always have moments of both confidence and fear, but if we have the intention of loving ourselves, and the daily practice to back it up, the self-love becomes stronger overall.

Two days ago I started this 3 part email series to help you with Money.

First I spoke of thinking of Money as a person, a soulmate, to create a fun, healthy relationship with Money.

Yesterday,  I shared a video on how to “Soothe Your Fears with a Paintbrush,” and demonstrated how using your creativity can uplift you, which in turn uplifts you and Money.

All of these have been in the name of helping you with Money.

Today, is the final share: how to love yourself outrageously, so you can not only feel peace and contentment, but so you can also make the Money you desire, and enjoy your Money relationship.

So what does self-love have to do with Money?

As a success-minded, heart-centered entrepreneur, you face many challenges every day. 

But you’ve also had a ton of successes!

Every success you have had in your career came from your confidence.

And the best way to build confidence is to practice daily 
*Spiritual Connection

*Outrageous Self-Love

* Fearless Action

But there’s no way in heck you can take fearless action, and let go of your fears around Money and vulnerability, unless you’ve done the inner work. 


So, we begin with you learning how to love yourself more deeply.So try this with me: get out a journal and at the top write “Ways to Love Myself Outgrageously.”Brainstorm some ideas.Here are a few to help you get started:
* write affirmations in your journal
* give yourself a compliment
* go for a walk
* take a hot bath
* create a power statement and read it daily
* be gentle with yourself when you make a mistake
* stop thinking about your flaws, and turn your attention to your attributes instead
* treat yourself to something you love: a book, paints, a dress, a special drink or snack, a massage…whatever makes you feel super excited
* develop healthy body habits like drinking enough water, walking or jogging, meditating etc.
* when in confusion, journal about what you’re feeling and what you need
Basically, learn how to slow down and be there for yourself. Notice yourself. 
This will take a lot of dedication on your end.
You’ll have to catch yourself when you want to go into “poor me.”
You’ll have to become okay with stopping in the middle of your work day, to listen to yourself.
You’ll have to catch yourself when you go into negative Money thoughts, and get back into your love for Money + gratitude instead.
Love Yourself
The gifts of this will be never ending. You’ll feel better, you’ll make more Money, and others will be drawn to loving you, because they will sense that you are already full, and anything they offer you is the cherry on the top!

Thank you for this opportunity to coach you on your life, and to help you with your Money relationship.

And if you are tired of the Money fears creeping in, despite your best efforts, and even when you are earning well, I am here to tell you there is another way (and I am here to help).

It’s time to look at Money with a new perspective. 

It’s time to use some new tools.

So here’s the surprise I’ve been dying to share with you:

The Art of Divine Money
In the Art of Divine Money, you will see how three concepts

* Money
* & Outrageous Self-Love
are all interrelated, and when working together create ultimate harmony and fulfillment, both in your heart, and in your pocketbook.
Read more HERE and if you are interested in joining our circle, there are some special bonuses for signing up early.
Blessings and I look forward to hearing how your outrageous self-love practice develops.
Heidi Carter