I don’t ever want to work for the man again, but I would if I had to.

But thank goodness I don’t have to.

There’s something comforting about knowing that I get to set my own schedule. If I want to start at 10 am, and work until 7 pm, I totally can.

I began charting my work hours a few months ago, and it has given me a sense of boundary and relief. I work 40 hours a week. No more, no less.

The problem that pops up for many women entrepreneurs is that they are very driven and sometimes don’t know when to quit.

Yesterday, a client of mine had me take the Strengths Finder test, and my #1 Strength came up as “Activator.”

Activators have a strong drive and activate those around them to take action and move forward. The down side to this strength is that it can sometimes create a feeling of impatience.

In business ownership, there is so much to do every single day. And when your drive is turned on, you may sometimes feel this impatience, and want things to go faster.

However, this impatience is lack of appreciation for what is.

The activator in you—the Inner Guide in your business whose head is always in the game (lol), also needs to chill out and take a break sometimes, like it or not.

According to a Discover Small Business Watch survey, 31% of entrepreneurs work at least 10 hours a day, and 15% work every day of the week.


What’s at risk here? I have felt:

  • burnout
  • a feeling of “I can’t work one more second”
  • lack of creative ideas
  • like I hated my business (my baby)  (I’m sorry, baby, you didn’t hear that, and no, I don’t hate you)
  • a desire to control things (umm, aren’t I supposed to be allowing God to run my biz?)
  • impatience

All of these burnout feelings could have been avoided with more rest.

If the Activator inside of you is perking her ears up in fear that someone is going to tell her to work less…..well….Activator, hold on for a second.

Here’s the deal: While the Activator/CEO/Action Taker in you is absolutely powerful and necessary to the growth of your business, your life as a whole is like a puzzle, and the Activator and her success is only one part.

Example: My Inner Guide “The Wife” (one of my many sub-personalities) recently planned a trip to the beach with her beloved. Believe me, she was beyond excited to leave for the ocean.

And guess who was trying to work until the last minute and wondered if it was okay to take a Friday, Saturday and Sunday off?

You guessed it. The Activator.

Well, The Wife won, and we hit the road, and it turned out to be an experience of a lifetime. It will go down in the history of romantic getaways as one of the most incredible experiences imaginable.

And funny side note: when The Wife was out floating in the ocean waves with her husband, laughing and talking, guess who showed up? Yes, it was the Activator. She activated her husband and his dreams, and they made a pact to be co-pilots in business. This never would have happened in the living room with the tv on, just sayin’.


My point is that all the sub-personalities inside you AND all of their agendas: they are all on the same life journey. Together.

And it is by allowing your brain and body to rest, laugh and play that your strongest assets can come forward in the most surprising, powerful ways.

Are you willing to begin building more rest and play into your business?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • take a full lunch hour and go out to eat
  • work for several hours, then take 30 minutes to do some yoga stretches and meditate (this will clear your mind and place you in a receptive position for brilliant biz ideas)
  • take a personal day and count it as a business day (look at the intelligent, intuitive biz co-pilot I recruited among the ocean waves)
  • when creating a launch plan for a new product or service, build in a day off for rest in the middle of the launch (believe me, you’ll need it + you’ll get your best ideas in rest mode)
  • create mini think tank retreats with your Biz BFF’s in the form of a long dinner, swim, jog, walk, or better yet a weekend getaway. Sure you’ll connect personally, but if you think about it, that’s biz building + you can encourage one another, share resources, and get clarity in your biz
  • take your Business Journal outside and do some of your biz planning underneath the trees
  • set up a stand-up work station and spend part of your day working standing up
  • take dance and stretch breaks every hour

Those are a few of my ideas.

What are your ideas?

The Activator in me honors the Activator in you.

Now go take a break!

Comment in the blog below about what you will do this week to take a business break.