When we first start a new business, we CRAVE success. 
Then eventually, when success starts to show up, we’re like woah, woah, woah woah.
Ummmm, I’m not gonna have to give up my free time am I? 
Come to find out, we actually have hidden fears around success. 
Last week one of my fears came up: if I get too “successful” I won’t have enough down time….time for self-care, spiritual practice, art, family and friends. 
If there’s a part of your brain that is afraid of success, your subconscious will make sure you never reach it.
I was so busy last week….when I finally went jogging at the end of the week, I saw a beautiful spot on Town Lake and I wanted to just SIT and BE. 
But my action brain told me there wasn’t enough time. That I needed to get back to work. 
I had a moment of choice. I knew if I continued to believe that success and free time could not co-exist, that I would never fully succeed,  because there was no way I would thrive without free time.
My solution was to sit my butt down for as Loooong as I wanted and needed, purposefully sending my brain this message: 
“Hey! You can be successful AND have free time.”

You know that if you ignore your fears, they will continue to rule you, right?


So take a look….what are your fears around success?


Some common fears of women entrepreneurs and leaders are:

  • I will become isolated from my friends and family
  • Others who have not reached this level will be jealous of me or intimidated by me
  • I don’t deserve it
  • I will become too busy
  • I don’t want to gain popularity because then I will have to speak to large groups and that scares me
  • I will feel exposed 


In Gay Hendricks’ book The Big Leap, he describes this phenomenon as “the Upper Limit Problem.” 


He says, “Each of us has an inner thermostat setting that determines how much love, success, and creativity we allow ourselves to enjoy. When we exceed our inner thermostat setting, we will often do something to sabotage ourselves, causing us to drop back into the old, familiar zone where we feel secure. “


Not good!


So how do we deal with the natural stresses that come with a growing business? This is a personalized map, individual to each person.


Here are a few of my ideas:

  • be aware of what the fear is
  • get really clear about how you could give yourself the one thing your subconscious is afraid success will strip from your life
  • give yourself that one thing, even when it feels impossible
  • take regular meditation breaks to get clarity from Spirit about what to do next
  • Purposefully make more room in your heart for more joy and success 
  • enlist the support of those in your sacred circle…the peeps who support your biz 100%. This could be a mentor, coach, friend, family member or fellow entrepreneur
  • during times of stress UP LEVEL your self care. Your action brain won’t like this, but to be honest, you can ALWAYS cancel a meeting, phone call, or trip if that is what it takes to maintain your sanity and health
  • and last but not least, let your subconscious know that this piece of success is not the beginning or the end of you. You go on and on and on. Take the time to digest it all at your own pace.

If we are born to be free, we have to learn how to balance success and our inner needs. Like Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way said, we have to “rest while in motion.”


In the end, it’s all worth it for the business and life of our dreams.

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