If someone had told women 100 years ago, that in 2017 women would be killin’ it in the world of entrepreneurship, this would have seemed impossible.

When you haven’t seen something before, it’s hard to believe it’s there.

In your business, each income milestone that you reach is a new experience. When you get to an income level you are happy with, it would be easy to stay there. However, there is more. All you have to do is reach for it. And it’s okay to want more, and to BE more.

The challenge that holds women back from raising their income levels, is that fears pop up: What if I can’t? What if this isn’t possible?

It takes FAITH to create something that you’ve never created before.

I love this Marianne Williamson quote from her book The Law of Divine Compensation:

Marianne quote faith

She goes on to write:

“When a pilot cannot see the horizon because of low visibility, he or she doesn’t assume that the horizon has disappeared. At a time of low visibility, the pilot flies on instruments that can actually gauge a situation more clearly than he can. Faith is like flying on instruments: it’s acting on the assumption that just because you can’t see a possibility at the moment, doesn’t mean that it’s not there.”

This all sounds great, but how does one truly move past their current income level to the next?

Today’s blog shares a handful of tips to help you blast through your current income, into the next level of income.

Tip #1: Practice Faith. 

Faith does not always come easily or naturally. If you grew up in a family that set limitations on who you could become, or how much prosperity you “should” create, then your income growth starts inside, with you. Commit to being your own best friend and cheerleader on a daily basis. Write affirmations, say positive things to yourself when you look in the mirror, post your vision up in your office, read uplifting Money literature, and surround yourself with positive people who are creating what they want in life. Do whatever it takes to feel the excitement of possibility.

Tip #2: Face Your Fears.

When fears come up, you don’t have to ignore them. Instead, honor the Inner Guide inside of you that is afraid. Maybe it’s your Inner Child or maybe it’s your Inner CEO. Whoever is scared needs to be listened to, held, and loved. Tell your Inner Guide “Thank you for, once again, protecting me. I am actually fine. And we are going forward!”

Tip #3: Have a Plan.

Fear lingers in ambiguity. When you fail to make a plan, you are creating a breeding ground for fear and inaction. When you have a plan, your brain knows what to do, and can pick up one action at a time. Remember: Faith + Action=Success.

Tip #4: Take Action.

Ummm..hello. Faith without action is not going to work. You can get to a great spiritual place inside about your business vision and income, but if you are not taking consistent action, that plan is not going to go forward. Your self-awareness is crucial. In what ways do you avoid action? Do you over book yourself? Do you convince yourself that your dreams are not possible? Do you get distracted with the shiny object syndrome? All of these are self-sabotage. The solution is to make an aligned plan you feel excited about, plug your plan into your calendar, then take the actions you committed to.

You can do this. You can raise your income to the next level. Whether you’re trying to raise your monthly income from $3000 to $6000 or from $100, 000 to $200, 000, you’ve so got this!!!

Open yourself up to bigger and bigger numbers. Have faith that the bigger numbers are good energy and that you will use your success to help the world.

Many sisters have gone before you and created huge prosperity, and you can too.

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Much love,

Heidi Carter



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