When you first became a business owner, did your heart crave freedom, big time?
Most entrepreneurs value freedom.
See if you fit the description of a freedom seeker:
Do you consistently want to create something in your own vision, without anyone telling you how to do it?
Do you balk at the thought of working for someone else, when you know your value allows you to make much more money on your own?
Do you want the ability to take a two hour lunch and run errands during the week, as needed?
This freedom– creative freedom, financial freedom and time freedom–are some of the core reasons you set foot on this journey.
And there’s no turning back for you. Entrepreneurship is in your blood now. Chances are, it always will be. 
So what can you do when you feel the negative side of business ownership, such as:
  • overwhelm?
  • fatigue?
  • fear?
One of the best remedies is gratitude. 
As a business owner you are a naturally driven person, which can make it challenging to build spiritual practice into your day. You’ve got a lot to accomplish. 
I get it. 
But your life isn’t a “destination” that you’re going to “get to” sometime in the future. Your life is today.
Take a look around you. Notice:
what kind of freedom are you enjoying today?
Is your music turned up loud, while you’re working away? (That wouldn’t happen in a cubicle).
Do you have employees around you that you chose, that naturally complement your skill set, and make you want to come to work?
Do you get to wear wacky, colorful professional clothes that represent you and your brand, instead of someone else’s?
Do you get to enjoy long business lunches where you share and receive with other business owners, then write it off as a tax deduction?
You’re an action taker.
I challenge you to complete this action:
Take just five minutes this morning, to journal about what you are grateful for.
Breath it in: you are blessed. You are lucky. 
And when you do this, you will see: you are not working towards the dream, you are living the dream.
And this, my love, is FREEDOM.
Business Freedom
Much love,
Heidi Carter
Business Coach, Mentor & Artist