Most women entrepreneurs have some kind of money wound they have had to overcome. Whether it was

  • hearing growing up that there wasn’t enough
  • hearing growing up that they weren’t enough
  • no one taking the time to really show them how money works
  • growing up with immense wealth, but never actually learning to have a 1:1 relationship with it, leaving it an ambiguous energy that couldn’t penetrated as the girl became a woman and had to make it on her own
  • alcoholism or drug abuse in the family
  • being swindled out of money in business deals
  • stepping into being REALLY prosperous and feeling guilty about it, like they were leaving someone else out
  • making tons of money for an employer with little or no appreciation or recognition
  • living under the shadow of a man or husband who is so powerful with money, it felt like there was no way she could compare or ever reach that
  • surviving the superhero idolization credit that our culture gives to men as powerful money manifestors

These are some of the money wounds that circulate in our culture of women entrepreneurship. I have coached women entrepreneurs, ranging from women barely getting by and women who are huge money manifestors. And there is always more spiritual learning to be done—-for all of us. I raise women entrepreneurs up and empower them to use their voice for the greater good and get CLEAR about their vision,  so they can create financial freedom.  The tools I help them gain access to in order to attain this freedom living their dream are:

  • spiritual connection
  • creativity
  • tribe as a resource

No matter where you are in your journey with money, I affirm there is more learning for you to do today. Let’s dig in.

4 Ways to Heal the Money Wound in Women Entrepreneurs:

1) Identify & Honor the Actual Wound

The moment we begin to take a deeper look at our money wound marks the beginning of our healing. When the wound lives in denial, darkness and shame, it continues to grow and rule our business mindset. Remember back to childhood and journal about what you learned. What did you learn as a young woman as you entered and college and the working world? What are you learning now? Is there something that still hurts? Allow your higher self to grace your presence and listen to you. Let her reflect back to you how hard that must have been. Share your story with trusted friends, mentors, coaches and family members. Become part of a tribe that believes in you and will listen to every bit with no judgement. Then, do whatever it takes to heal that wound.

2) Pray

Ask Spirit/God/Universe to remove the hurt. To show you your value. To bring just the right clients to your doorstep. To trust yourself. To move FORWARD. Turn to your Spiritual Source at every turn. Light a candle, burn a smudge stick, go outside and admire the vastness of the universe, knowing that anything is possible.

3) Accept Your Worthiness

You have Divine Gifts. Period. Don’t pretend like everyone else is in that club except poor little you. Self-pity is the biggest block to prosperity possible. You do belong in the club. Make a list of your accomplishments, ask friends and clients what they love about you, read affirmations daily. Surround yourself with other like-minded individuals who not only see their own worth, but also reflect that back to you. And when you get to a level of self-confidence that is palpable to yourself and others, DON’T stop the practice there. No, no, no…it was the practice that got you there. So keep it going. Let it be a lifetime project to accept your worthiness. Because the honest truth is that fear will always show up for us. I love what Danielle Laporte said about that when I heard her speak recently: “Fearlessness is a myth. You’re always going to be afraid. If you’re not afraid, you’re not living on your creative edge.” She also said…” Self-love: If I don’t do it, no one will. If I don’t love myself fiercely, no one else will.”  Well, I agree with that last part MOSTLY. I personally think Spirit always loves us unconditionally, but when it comes to humans, self-love is the beginning of all other loves.

4) Find Prosperity in Your Life NOW

Prosperity is not just a number. It is a feeling. An essence.  A way of life. As your numbers go up, your relationship with this feeling will continue to evolve, but I affirm Prosperity is Yours NOW. What would higher income bring you?

-sometimes it’s things; a beautiful home, a mystical vacation

-sometimes it’s feelings: freedom, independence, power

So how can you create those things and feelings now?

For example, part of my money healing process started in making my bedroom gorgeous. It’s a work in progress, but just keeps getting more beautiful and more prosperous feeling. And believe me, I retreat to that room on a regular basis. It’s my practice…to step into those feelings, making it okay for me to keep growing financially, giving and receiving more every day.


There’s a LOT more I’d love to share with you. I will be sharing a lot in my Powerful Vision 2015 Workshop, so if you’re interested read more below, or drop me a line.

Inspired Action Going Forward: reach out to a trusted friend or mentor, it could be me or someone else, and let them know what money wound you’ve healed and where you’re headed next!

Much love,



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