How would it feel to know exactly where your business is going?

Where could that vision take you?

Who could you become, if you followed through on all of your business plans?


Hello, I’m Heidi Carter, and I am a Money Breakthrough & Entrepreneur Success Coach.  I help success-minded women leaders  feel their own power, so they can increase their income and create more impact in the world.

I work with

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Business Teams &
  • Leaders

My clients are action takers who  are willing to go to any length to make their business vision come true.

How Can I Help You?
In business, I have helped my clients:

  • Figure out what their professional vision is
  • Create more income
  • Enjoy the success they have earned
  • Create a business road map, so they know where to go
  • Change negative thought patterns into positive, empowered thought patterns
  • Break through overwhelm
  • Create business systems
  • Accomplish their goals with vigor and focus
  • Develop an authentic client creation system

With Money coaching, I have helped my clients:

  • Make Money Breakthroughs
  • Become willing to receive more Money
  • Own their value and charge more with confidence
  • Create Money systems so their is financial clarity
  • Create a new Money Story
  • Close big deals with confidence
  • Love Money

And we’ve done it all the creative way.

Yes—our whole process of activating the creative mind starts with paints and markers and a big Business Journal.

Our journey begins with a Discovery Session, which my clients have referred to as “Actualization Sessions” as they bring both the clarity and the empowerment needed to move forward.

During your Discovery Session, we will get to know one another, and  it will give me an opportunity to hear about your dreams, and we will pull all of these into your Big Vision for the next year.

It will give YOU an opportunity to get ultimate clarity on what you’re wanting to create in your life and business right now. What does creativity have to do with business? Creativity is the golden key that unlocks your

Intuitive wisdom
Expanded vision of what is possible
Clarity—a real live business road map
In addition, as a business owner, you naturally have a creative mind. The Creative Business Journal gives you a place to play around with your ideas, which in turn inspires more ideas. Together, we will create and fine tune your Soul’s Vision.

Here are some of the Rockstar Clients I have worked with:

jordana headshot me jordana me jordana beach   When Jordana Ford and I began working together, she’d had her real estate broker license for years, but was unsure about claiming her real dream: to develop her own real estate team. After a year of coaching, she not only created her own powerful team of real estate agents working under the umbrella of her brokerage, but also bought a brick and mortar venue to build her dream in.

No one defines how far you can take your vision, except you. Jordana chose to take her business vision to a very high level.  Jordana had always known exactly how to close million dollar deals, but now that she trusts her slow, unusual self, she’s actually doing it!

Jordana, learned how to rely on her  x-Ray vision which allows her  to see to the heart of people and situations, and build successful business relationships. She’s done it her way, and she’s  taking it to the top!

“Heidi has helped me address self-created roadblocks that I did not even know were there. She has the ability to zoom in on the subtle self sabotage and the fears that sidetrack success. I have clarity about my business vision and the confidence to create my dream now. I just landed one of my biggest deals ever and know there is so much more to come. Currently, I am helping a past client purchase a $1.2 million dollar home and sell the current $500k home at the same time. Practicing with authenticity and love for my clients keeps them coming back. My prosperity mindset has allowed me to focus on the service and KNOW that prosperity would come from that. Now that I can allow myself to be successful and prosperous, nothing is standing in my way.” -Jordana Ford, Owner Blue J Realty




13055381_10209231582769240_3765536663609237910_n “I am prone to understatements, so when I say that I wouldn’t have started my new business if I wasn’t working with Heidi, I mean it completely.  Her calm support, incredible insight and ability to help me focus my professional vision and direction have been my anchors during the past year.  I turn to her when I am feeling overwhelmed or adrift by the inherent challenges of a new venture and she has never failed to help me find a positive way forward.  I have gained new perspectives, more confidence, and many more resources than I ever would have imagined.  Heidi has surpassed all of my expectations for a coach and I recommend her to my friends and even my children regularly.  She is one of the best investments I have ever made; the dividends from working with her are immeasurable.”

-Beth Liebling, Attorney at Law, Owner Darling Way Boutique











Me & Rebekah Trevelise June 2017

Oh my goodness!!! My business has grown exponentially after working with Heidi for over a year. When Heidi first became my coach, my studio had about 100 students, and I had 1 teacher working for me. I had never thought about my relationship with money as a relationship. I just thought it was a “thing” (a good thing). I had never mapped out a business plan with focused monthly and weekly activities to complete/master/manage. I was living life on a hamster wheel with no clarity in my vision for growth (just had some ideas I wanted to pursue) and no plan to put into place HOW I was going to grow. I had no website, and no accounting/invoicing/calendar online system. Yes, I was still doing everything by hand: my brain, my phone, and my email were bogged down trying to keep everything straight. I was overwhelmed. NOW I have 229 active students (and 18 waiting!) with 8 teachers teaching under me and still growing! I have learned not to put a cap on my expectations of growth. I’ve also learned how to address the fears associated with growth and manage my systems better (and create new systems as needed!). I now have a website with an invoicing/scheduling system built into it so everything is more streamlined and clear. My relationship with money and myself is strong and loving. I highly recommend working with Heidi Carter Coaching if you are a woman evolving or starting your own small business!!! -Rebekah Trevelise, owner Trevelise Musique




Shelley Delayne had a million talents, but no direction. During our time together, she located her truest desire: to create a co-working space for Austin entrepreneurs. Shelley decided to go for it! She is now about to open Orange Coworking in Austin, Texas. “When I first started working with Heidi, I knew I wanted to start a new business, but I wasn’t sure what to do. I had a million ideas and no clear direction. Just meeting Heidi casually and seeing her Facebook posts on a regular basis had been enough to spur me to start art journaling for the first time, so I was fairly sure she could help me dig out the right direction and nudge me toward it. I have never been more correct in my life: Heidi quickly helped me to create a safe and happy mindspace, where I could hear my inner voice speaking surely and clearly. Now I’m feeling clear on my purpose and passion and am eagerly pursuing my new endeavor: creating a creative, collaborative coworking space in south Austin!”  -Shelley Delayne, founder and owner Orange Coworking Shelley Delayne and me Shelley




Lauren Garcia

Lauren Garcia had a Master’s Degree in Advertising/Public Relations and a knack for business. But she also felt afraid to ask for what she was worth and was WAY under-charging. Some deep coaching showed her that she didn’t have to be afraid anymore. She multiplied her price X 14, and began getting high paying clients immediately.

Heidi is AMAZING. This was my first time in a coaching program, my first experience with art journaling, and looking back on these last few months, I am such a different person than I was when I first started. I achieved ALL of my goals I set out to achieve at the beginning of the program, and I couldn’t have done it without her. Most importantly, she helped me get the confidence I needed to have in myself so that I could run my business to the best of my ability. I went from thinking I should charge $59 for a program, to charging $870!! And guess what? The second I switched my mindset and changed my pricing, I had clients sign on immediately! She’s been an awesome mentor, coach, spiritual and creative guide. I have laughed on my calls with her, cried, and experienced some amazing breakthroughs. Plus, the community of women in her program that I’ve gotten to be a part of, is priceless. We constantly seek advice and guidance in our private facebook group, and pick each other up when the other is feeling down, confused, upset, or excited about something in our lives and our businesses. I love Heidi!

-Lauren Garcia owner Launch Media




“For the past year I’ve been coached by Heidi, and it has been a great experience. When I first started working with Heidi I had an idea of what I wanted my business to be, but it was still kind of nebulous; there were so many directions I could go, so many things I could do. Heidi’s coaching helped me get to the place where I am now, where I am launching my signature program and  really launching my business.

When we began working together I had fears with money because I was jumping into a business after being in a corporate job and wondering about the stability. Heidi helped me work through those fears, and now I know my business is going to be successful. Those fears are no longer there, and I’m ready to just jump in because I feel supported by the universe. Heidi coached me through my fears, and helped me overcome my money blocks, and that was very important.

Another thing that drew me to Heidi was her creative side. Through working with Heidi and her art journaling, I’ve had a way to get down all my creative ideas, which has helped me to accelerate to really getting to Yes! This is really what I want to offer, this is what I want to give people.  This is my purpose and this is what I’m doing!

The other  thing I’ve really enjoyed about working with Heidi is how intuitive she is, and she really cares about my process and my business, and all along the way she has been available. We’ve had our wonderful VIP days, as well as 1:1 sessions, where I’ve enjoyed working on tactical things, as well as going deeper, and coaching on an energetic level.

I’m really excited to have worked with Heidi and will definitely continue to work with her as I continue to expand.” -Lani Dame Fearless Growth Marketing



Pascal 2

Working with Heidi has changed my life. When I first started out with her coaching I was just coming out of a very intense emotional time in my life and I was ready to make the necessary changes, but I had no idea which way to turn or what to do next. In my first session with Heidi we lifted a huge bolder out of my way and every call, every group session from there on, has been powerful, enlightening and brought me a clearer picture of my path. Heidi is a wonderful coach, I feel like she really listens to me, she keeps me focused and her support is wonderful. I now have a plan in place and tools to use, I have a wonderful support network of amazing women on our facebook group and Heidi my wing woman. 🙂 -Pascal M. Simon, owner  and



I have participated in many coaching and business groups, and have always in the past missed the mark, changed my goals, or found some other way to back down.  Right now I am sitting here with an art journal FULL of self-awareness, self-support, business planning, spiritual transmissions, and… fun.  I have clients in my schedule, money coming in, and am relaunching a group program that is dear to my heart. The group format of this program helped me to connect with a circle – the perfect circle! – around challenges with confidence, strategy, and being seen.  I have taken business courses before, and they fell flat – what I needed was truly some healing! As my heart has healed my business has blossomed.  The traction and momentum of the group supported me in moving forward, staying connected, and creating.

-Jen Kahn, Owner  Elemental Health & Wellness

BrendaSmile600-150x150Brenda Tello Horton, co-founder Actionplanr, had been wanting to write a book for years. After coaching with me, she felt illuminated, expanded, and got into action. She is now currently writing her book with a co-author. I want to thank Heidi for being the catalyst of getting my butt in gear for writing my book. After a session with her, I took a huge step  while flying back to California and wrote the entire outline along with the Introduction!!!!  I also, created a ton of content for Actionplanr customers. I loved her creative process and HOW she helped me work through my concerns with writing my BOOK! The perfectionist in me kept putting it off, but NOT anymore. I love her BRILLIANCE! I had so much FUN working with Heidi… I even embraced the tears!  Thank you so much, Heidi,  you are an Angel.” -Brenda Tello Horton, Co-founder Actionplanr


stacey-jean-copy“Heidi has a very dynamic, bold, and powerful coaching process. She is courageous in her approach and I felt very safe with her. In our work together, I made some pretty profound discoveries about myself and about what holds me back in pursuing my greatest dreams and desires. I am very grateful to her and her talents, and already feel that she has aided me in uncovering new territory, which I look forward to exploring more fully. Thank you Heidi!! ♥” -Stacey Jean Smith, Owner


Lauren-newest“Heidi’s guidance and intuition opened up so much clarity for my visions of my life and business. She really helped me stay connected to my truth and what works for my energy. It was very much like going on a journey and very organic and I left feeling excited and confident about what I want to offer.” -Lauren Sheehan, Guide, Speaker, & Inspirational Force at the Feminine Rhythm & Master Teacher at the Art of Feminine Presence

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