Being the driven person that you are, you have created some really ambitious business goals.  Again. And now you’re staring at your client creation and marketing plans wondering, “How in the heck am I going to get all of this done?”

Usually overwhelm results in either:

  1. Hiding (Gosh, I feel so much more comfortable now that I have slipped into happy denial. There are so many different ways I can ignore the dream I had to succeed, and just make due with mediocrity. Love that!)
  2. Over-doing (Yes, I can actually sustain 4 nights of late working, and no, I’m not a workaholic thank you very much.)

What if there was another way to reach epic goals that was both aligned with who you are spiritually and could bring you closer to the success you desire?

In other words, what if there was a way for you to take consistent, inspired actions that created big results, without staying up till 1:00 am every night?

The solution is two-fold.

First, let’s look at the spiritual piece.

I hate to tell you this, because it may suck to hear this, but if you are overwhelmed, you may be stuck in perfectionism. 

Perfectionism is a debilitating one way mental loop, that goes round and round and round. You can start an important launch in your business, for example, and work on one piece of it for Way. Too. Long.

What if I were to tell you that….you are brilliant enough with your imperfections, to knock your goals out of the park?

It’s a very simple formula:

  1. You are gifted beyond belief.
  2. People need your body of work and YOU.
  3. The more you obsess over every single detail, the less people you reach.
  4. The more you take imperfect action, and move forward, the more people you reach.

You can help more people and make more money, just by accepting your God-given imperfections.

Overcome Business Overwhelm



In your journal, finish this sentence:

The #1 thing the world needs from me is my gift of____________________.

Now, are you willing to share that gift more, imperfections included?

The 2nd spiritual piece is about celebration.

When you finish a big project, make a big sale, or dare to do something you’ve never done before, do you stop to celebrate yourself?

This part, cannot be done alone. You’ve got to surround yourself with people (whether that’s your Biz BFF’s, your mentors & coaches, employees or family members) who consistently notice what you’re doing and gladly honor the progress you’re making.

Find a celebration buddy. Tell them what your business intention is this week, and ask them to celebrate you on Friday. You need a business tribe to make your business machine run happily.

In your journal, finish this prompt:

This week, I will call______________ and ask her/him to celebrate me on _________________ for accomplishing ________.

 The 2nd part of the solution is about creating systems, building good work habits, and scheduling.

Here are 7 suggestions:

  1. Every week set the #1 priority for the week.
  2. Every day set the #1 priority for the day.
  3. Schedule tasks in chunks. Example: instead of creating social media posts once a day, create all of your posts in one sitting.
  4. Delegate or die. That’s right. Hire your first team member, whether that’s a VA, admin assistant, or full time employee.
  5. Get rid of physical clutter and unsubscribe from everything you can. A free mind can focus more.
  6. Begin saying no to projects and people that distract you from your most important priorities. You cannot be everything to everyone, so make sure you put yourself at the forefront.
  7. Give yourself more time than you think to finish things. This will take the stress and pressure off, and allow you to feel successful every day.

These are a few suggestions. Now join us on Facebook and share which steps you plan to implement this week.