When Mother Nature is restful, you can rock with her breeze in a summer hammock.
She also has powerful energy, as we saw when she fell straight down into the ocean, like a lightning bolt, creating out-of-control waves that would flood Houston and Rockport in Hurricane Harvey. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voJ9-LIq1XQ
And we, as humans, inhabit her land…trying to hold her hand in co-creation, but often being surprised by her independent mind, that does what she needs to do to survive.

All of this proves that we are but small inhabitants on the earth and that there is a universal intelligence that is much bigger than we are.

And yet…it hurts when we see our people left in her sometimes violent cycles.
It can be hard to feel spiritual when you are watching people’s lives at risk, their homes completely devastated…horses stuck behind a closed gate that is hard to open in the forceful current of the flood.
But if you look closely, there are miracles happening everywhere.

*Yesterday, a woman chest deep in water, crying with dramatic joy and appreciation: “God is good. God is good,” because she had found her kids who had been separated from her in the sea of water she and her family members were riding within.

*People using their manpower to rescue pets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpqngaE1fRs

*People leaving their jobs and families, and packing up to go help rescue those still stuck in their homes, as well as those who are now on dry land with nothing but the shirt on their back.
So why would a woman, who had clearly lost her home, be saying “God is good?” It was one of those moments, when everything became really simple: are my family members alive? 
This mentality can apply to many of the hard times, and even traumas that you may have experienced.
There is always shock, and grief, which goes deep. But there is also always a miracle wrapped up inside.

As you go through your week, make sure and take a moment to notice how lucky you are:
*You’re alive.
*You are loved.

There is always a way to connect to your spiritual source. God, Universe, Spirit…there is loving energy here for everyone at this time.

As someone who coaches people around money issues,  it is also beautiful to see so many people opening up their wallets to help those who are suffering. This shows that they have a healthy relationship to Money…they trust Money, and can spend it, knowing full well, that more will show up.

If you have been wanting to make a contribution, here are a few ways you can donate monetarily:

  1. One of my dearest friends, Amanda Lee, who is an international crisis care worker, has left her home and family in Austin and gone to Houston to help, and needs our donations. Amanda specializes in mental health and psychosocial support for both crisis care staff and victims of natural disasters, war and violence. Amanda needs your donations to help support the relief effort in the gulf coast region directly. Consider making a donation to her GoFundMe  to raise funds to keep her in the Houston region for a month to organize and provide mental health support for relief staff and victims of Hurricane Harvey.
  2. Red Cross donations
  3. Humane Society for Hurricane Harvey pet rescues
  4. If you or someone you know lives in Houston and does not currently have a home to live in, my dear friend Jordana Ford, of Blue J Realty, is finding ways to get people in homes with short term, less expensive leases. Contact her she’s here to help.

Stay safe, and banded together to help those in the Gulf Coast region.
Much love,