Growing up, you were like a sponge. In your home, you heard your parents speaking about Money, and you took it all in.

The words you heard had an impact on you. For better for worse, the messages you grew up with got ingrained into your thinking.
The interesting thing is that you also got some of your Money thinking from things that were not spoken. Even as a child, you were able to read information, and deduce the underlying meanings.

Only problem is, your child’s mind was not capable of always 1) seeing the whole truth and 2) knowing that your family’s truth was not necessarily your truth.

There’s no doubt about it, your growing up + cultural experiences have impacted your subconscious beliefs about Money.  Let’s look at some examples of how Money situations can subconsciously create Money beliefs.

Here are a few examples of things that have happened to people. See if you can find yourself in any of these.

Your Mom spent Money on new furniture without consulting your Dad, and your parents then fought. Underlying Money belief: Money hurts our family peace.

Your parents said Money was bad and evil, and that rich people were taking away the Money that could go to help starving children.  Underlying Money belief: If I get a lot of Money, I will be hurting others.

Your Dad was a workaholic and didn’t see you much, leaving you lonely for a father and love. Underlying Money belief: Money takes away the people I love.

Your family always had Money, apparently because you always lived in nice homes and had what you needed. However, Money was never spoken about, and you were never given Money directly. Underlying Money belief: Money is a distant and almost invisible. I am not sure if it exists.

Your parents were constantly worried about paying the bills, and would tuck cash away in secret places in the house, in case an emergency came up. Underlying Money belief: Money does not love us, and our survival is at risk.

What was the Money story you heard growing up, that stuck with you?

What were the unspoken messages you got about money, that remain in your subconscious today?

Whether, you are a strong earner who is still riddled with Money anxiety (and find yourself working all the time to make sure there will always be “enough”),
Still struggling to earn the income you know you are capable of,

There Is Always Room To Grow, and It Begins with Doing the Inner Work.
Take some time for yourself today, to cuddle up, get comfortable, and begin the inner work so you can take your Money situation to the next level.
In your journal draw two columns. In the left side, write “My Old Money Story.” In the right column write “My New Money Story.”


Dig deep and discover:
·      What were the spoken messages I heard about Money growing up?
·      What were the unspoken messages I received about Money growing up?
How are you still living out this old story? Write it all down in the left column.

What is the NEW Money story you are ready to believe and live? Who are you ready to be? What kind of income could you and Money create together, if you were willing to be this new version of yourself?

Write it all down in the right column.

Begin reading your new story every day.

I am reminded of a quote one of my business friends and mentors Megan Tull said to me: Your history does not define your future unless you keep recreating it.

Remember: you have the power to create and live a new story.