Do you feel constant stress about Money, and even with all the work you've done, you can't seem to remove the block?

Do you avoid looking at your bank account because you feel scared about what you will  discover?

Do you earn really well, then wonder where it all went?

Once you master your Money relationship, you will understand that the spiritual energy of Money is infinite and always available to you. 

Hello, I am Heidi Carter, Money Breakthrough + Biz Coach and I struggled with Money for years, so I know what it feels like to be on a roller coaster with Money.

But once I discovered The Secret of Mastering my Money Relationship, I learned how to feel good about Money NO MATTER WHAT, and this spiritual work lead me to being able to create more income than I ever imagined.


You Can Transform Your Money Relationship Too!

In the Juicy Money Course,

I will teach you the exact steps to

Master Your Relationship with Money.

In Juicy Money you will learn how to:

  • Have soul-to-soul conversations with Money that provides you the exact guidance on how to earn, save and spend your Money
  • Get connected to Money SPIRITUALLY so that you can break your income records (without it feeling so hard!)
  • Experience Money as a loving, fun partner that wants to play with you in your business (instead of something you resent having to manage)
  • Learn how to use creative journaling to map out your business plans and big Money goals, in a way that feels aligned with your soul's purpose (and magnetizes money to you)
  • Have fun unleashing your creative juices and making beautiful journal pages, so you can target your Divine Sales with clarity and confidence

I am Looking for women entrepreneurs who are 100% committed to:

*Transform their Relationship with Money
*Welcome Money Miracles 
*Become a Money Goddess in Just 28 Days.

This Course is For You If:

  • You earn exceptionally well, then wonder where it all went
  • You’ve hit a plateau in your earnings and you feel ready to earn more
  • You’re tired of Money feeling like a necessary evil (and you want to make it your BFF)
  • You avoid looking at your bank account, because you know you’ll have to face reality
  • You’re reticent to raise your prices, but with guidance you know you will be all over it

Money Doesn't Have to Feel Hard Anymore.

It's Time to Let Money Adore You.

The Investment for the Juicy Money Course is $297

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  • Week One: Create Your Divine Money Journal

    This week includes videos and written content that will teach you how to:

    • Buy the right journal
    • Decorate your journal pages using gesso, ink sprays, stamps, watercolors and other fun art supplies
    • Begin journaling about your Money feelings, goals, and intentions so you can start transforming your fears and breaking your income records


  • Week Two: Get Connected to Your Juicy Money Soulmate

    Discover exactly who your Money Soulmate  is, and identify the top 3 ways you will connect to him (or her).  Watch your vibration go up, as you learn to feel loved and adored by Money!

  • Week Three: Juicy Money Journaling Ritual

    Learn how to integrate three very important Money rituals into your daily practice:

    1. Your Money Meditation—a quick journaling activity that will ALWAYS transform your fears to faith!
    2. Soul-To-Soul Conversations with Money–journaling prompts that will get you communicating with Money, rather than avoiding it
    3. Money Gratitudes—a simple daily journaling prompt that will show you how to enjoy your Money on a much deeper level, which will attract more Money into your life
  • Week Four: Increase Your Income

    This week will help you pinpoint exactly what makes you unique in your business, and love yourself more deeply so you can raise your prices and increase your income. You will also learn how to create a monthly Money Map in your journal, so you can become a big receiver of Money and abundance!

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You may be asking yourself:

Why Do We Use Journaling in this Course?

The reasons we use art in journaling for Money Mindset are:

*Experiential art gets you out of your old thinking and literally opens up your brain to new ways of thinking
*Moving your pens and paintbrushes around on the page, connects you on a cellular level to the spiritual energy of       Money
*Writing things down impacts you on a subconscious level

In short, art and journaling create a Transformational Experience!

Here are Some of the Incredible Results I've Helped My Clients Create:

Jordana Ford

Heidi has helped me address self-created roadblocks that I did not even know were there. She has the ability to zoom in on the subtle self sabotage and the fears that sidetrack success. I have clarity about my business vision and the confidence to create my dream now. I just landed one of my biggest deals ever and know there is so much more to come. Currently, I am helping a past client purchase a $1.2 million dollar home and sell the current $500k home at the same Practicing with authenticity and love for my clients keeps them coming back. My prosperity mindset has allowed me to focus on the service and I KNOW that prosperity comes from that. Now that I can allow myself to be successful and prosperous, nothing is standing in my way.

Jordana Ford Blue J Realty
Jannifer Wheeler

When I began working with Janifer Wheeler, she was disconnected from Money, afraid that Money would not ever come to her BIG time and sure that she needed to work really hard, to make just enough to get by. But when I showed her how to connect with Money on a soul level, open herself up to being loved and adored by Money, and learn how to own her power and RECEIVE,  finally… She was able to make 1000’s of dollars, selling a house that had been on the market for years, immediately get a raise and a stipend at her job, quickly save $8000 and pay for a cruise in cash.

Jannifer Wheeler
Lani Dame

The biggest shift I am grateful for is that now I am building a lasting relationship with Money, whereas before, I gave Money attention only sometimes.

Now I Trust money, so I have greater freedom to do my passion and live my life.

I can save because I have clarity about what I want.

Now my fiancé and I don’t have money struggles. We have conversations but its not about not having money, it’s what do we want to do with money.

Lani Dame Fearless Growth Marketing
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I cannot wait to help you make a HUGE Money Breakthrough!

Money Loves You BIG Time,

Heidi Carter