In each of us there is an Inner Leader and an Inner Follower.

I remember even back in grade school, when certain types of pants or watches became popular, all the little girls followed the trend.

Ants do the same thing when they are carrying things much bigger than themselves…they have a leader who tells them which way to pull, and all the other ants work in cooperation and follow directions.

When I walked into the arena of coaching entrepreneurship, my heart was on helping others but I had no idea how to

  • get clients
  • market myself
  • create a brand

So, I began to follow.

I watched webinars, and joined FB groups, and hired coaches and consultants. Most of them had input and advice on how to do things.

The most cherished mentors I worked with  taught me how to find the answers inside myself.

Yet, I resisted this….because deep down inside I still had core negative beliefs that:

  • I didn’t know
  • I wasn’t wise enough to choose
  • My intuition would not help me prosper and thrive
  • I wasn’t as smart as the people I was paying to tell me what to do
  • I had to prove myself
  • Someone else’s formula was better than my own ideas

This year a few experiences have shifted my perspective.

I got burned out going to events that did not fulfill me one single bit.

I reached a tipping point, sitting through networking events, conferences, and webinars that didn’t penetrate my heart at all.

I decided on a new self-agreement: if I cannot FEEL you, I don’t want to work with you.

More and more, I am using my heart to discern who needs my help, who would be fun to work with, who do I want to read and watch on Facebook, who do I want to invite into my home, and which groups do I want to spend my precious time participating in?

Connection comes first. If I am not connected to a person, the content, or the vibration, it’s a NO for me.

Another huge bridge that was magically built inside of me this year, was learning how to be present for myself and LOVE myself when I made mistakes.  In the past, I loved myself when I was doing great and hated myself when I made mistakes. That means during the self-judgement moments, I was completely shut off from trusting my own feelings and decisions, because I believed that my imperfections made me invalid.

Through the simple act of slowing down and taking care of myself during stressful times, I began to be okay being imperfect, which allowed me to trust my own feelings more of the time.

Another piece that has changed my whole perspective is getting clear on my life purpose. Once again, I gladly invested in more coaching + worked steadily with my own introspection and I got clarity: I am on a mission to help success minded women leaders feel their own power so they can create more money and have more impact on the world. The tools I LOVE to use to create this transformation in others are:

  • painting
  • journaling
  • deep spiritual connection
  • coaching
  • laughter
  • tears
  • intimacy
  • trust
  • intuition

This mission lives inside of me when I am getting paid and when I am sharing for free, by the way. I love to create transformation in others, even at free events.  Many mentors told me to just give a “little bit”, so they will still want to buy from me. But that formula didn’t work for me because it was not authentic to who I am.

For me, when I go to networking events, retreats and conferences the leaders who Really Share and Really Change Something Inside Me, are the ones I want to buy from. Again, I’m finding MY way of doing business.

I also enjoy loving my clients deeply and giving them all kinds of attention. Many mentors say “Don’t give too much.”

My heart LOVES to give. The less I give, the worse my clients and business do. The more I allow myself to give until my heart’s content, the better my clients and business does.

With that said, I also know when to hold a boundary…when I see someone trying to get coaching from me for free, when I know that empowering them to pay for coaching would benefit them more….that’s a good time to hold my energy back and feel okay about it. Or when I am tired and don’t have the energy to give, that’s a good time to not give.

The message is Trust Your Gut!

If I wasn’t meeting my financial goals, I would want to take a look at my energy flow….but the fact is that I am meeting my Monthly Money Intentions. So that tells me I can give to whomever I want, whenever I want.

Yes, I have to charge enough to warrant that, but that is fun for me because then I end up working with powerful women who are ready to invest in themselves.

You too, have deep wells of your own inner wisdom. I want to encourage you that your way is right for you.  You see. You hear. You feel. You KNOW. Trust what brings you joy. Listen to mentors, authors and speakers who truly resonate with you, and skip the rest!

There is not a formula you have to follow.

Just Be You.

Create your own process of getting clients. What do you love to do? Do that.

Don’t wait for a certain income number to begin experiencing joy and fulfillment in your business. Create your own joy, now.

And if you are ever having a trying time, like we all do at times, try sitting in the sunshine and just feel  the power of that Infinite Being who loves you SO much,  and begin the process of loving yourself in this moment, so you can trust that you’re okay, and your decisions are right for YOU.

You’re a badass. Feel that.

To your Joy & Success,


Just Be You