It took a lot of work to get where you are.

The aligned success you have created is respectable and commendable.

AND….there’s More.

As a creative entrepreneurial Goddess, you are always going to be thinking about the next level of

  • impact
  • creativity &
  • financial abundance

In reading the book Playing Big, by Tara Mohr, with my Soulful Business Mastery Alumni Circle this week, I noticed a couple of things about Mohr’s definition of the term “Leap.”

First, she suggested it is a project that can be finished in 1-2 weeks.

Second, it’s a simple action like “hosting a workshop.”

Third, it puts you in contact with the audience you want to reach.

Fourth, it gets your adrenaline flowing because you’re stepping outside your comfort zone.

There are more, and I have changed the order here, but you get the idea.

It is indeed time for you to LEAP into your next level of success.

Leaping is something that is simple and actionable, and even though it feels uncomfortable, it puts you in contact with the people you want to serve.


  • you could experience your fears about leaping as exhilaration, instead of paralyzation? (imagine jumping into a gorgeous pool)
  • you could allow every bit of it to feel FUN?
  • you could live the mindset of EXPECTING success from your efforts?
  • you could majorly change someone’s life by reaching them and sharing your gifts?

What is the group of people you would really like to connect with and serve?

Forget about who you think you should connect with.

Leaping is about truly going for your passion!

For example, I have been working on a very special body of work I will be sharing this spring. For me, creating my Facebook group is my Leap because:

  1. it’s a new body of work, so I am pushing out of my comfort zone
  2. the Facebook group will put me in contact with the people I want to help AND I can begin helping them immediately
  3. it’s simple
  4. I can definitely finish it in 1-2 weeks (Heck, I think I just made a commitment to you and myself)

I am ready to commit. My heart is one fire to help women with the subject I will be bringing up. I know it will be successful BECAUSE the WHY of this project started when I was a child. It goes deep! Also, my attention and love for discussing and teaching on this subject has never faded; it’s only gotten stronger over my lifetime.

Leap Into Success











Who are you wanting to help this spring?

What is your LEAP?

Share with me in an email what you will commit to for your LEAP in the next 1-2 weeks.

And remember:

When your LEAP comes from deep inside your heart, it will absolutely be a success no matter what.

Know that, and expect that.

Much Love,

Heidi Carter