Do you ever allow magic to bring you good things in your business?

Magic is defined as: the power of  influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

Translation: you influence positive outcomes in your business by allowing mysterious forces to work on your behalf.



You’ve had magical experiences before…

You had a thought that you were bored and wished for some company, and the phone immediately rang. It was a girlfriend saying she had an extra ticket to a concert.

You needed a turquoise pillow to finish your living room, and a beautiful turquoise pillow was given to you for your birthday.

The point is that God —which can be defined as Source Energy or your Higher Power–has infinite power and ultimate intelligent design. 

So why not get out of the way and see what magic can be delivered to your doorstep?

If there’s something you need or want in your business, say it out loud.

Then watch for signs that lead you to it. The signs are there, but you have to really open your mind and pay attention.

Maybe there’s an email you haven’t returned, or a Facebook post you ignored. 

The answers are always there.

And, if you’re feeling really courageous, say your desire out loud, then completely release it! 

Maybe God has something else planned for you. Maybe it’s even better!

Try on the feeling of trusting for a will change your life.

This points to the importance of slowing down. SOO much is missed in your hurriedness. 

When you slow down you can notice

  • your desires
  • nuances
  • signs
  • your intuitive, psychic thoughts 
  • opportunities
  • the bigger business picture


So….open your mind to the power of magic, and watch some magical things show up!