On Mondays, do you hit the ground running? Do you have a long list of things to accomplish, and just start working?


If this is how you’re operating, it might be difficult for you to get to the next level of earning that you are desiring.


Whether you’re trying to upgrade your monthly income to

$10,000 a month so you can hit 6 figures,

or $83, 000 a month so you can make your first million,

​Money Mapping is a viable, easy way to get where you want to go.

I will be sharing a great deal about Money Mapping in my upcoming workshops, retreats, and webinars, but let me get you started with a very simple exercise.


Open up your journal, like I did with this page this morning and write: “Weekly Money Map.”


Record your goal, for how much you’d like to make.


Now brainstorm: what are your Money Makers? What are the projects that have made you money in the past as well as projects that will make you money in the future? Write them all down.


Choose which Money Makers to focus on this week, and actually map out how much income you will get for each one.


It could look something like this:

Goal: $10, 000

The Plan:

  • 4 1:1 clients @ $1000 each for $4000
  • 3 workshops @ $2000 each for $6000

Total Income Plan: $10, 000

That example was chosen for ease, but you get the picture.

Weekly Money Map


The next easy step is to jot out your plan for marketing & connecting, for each day of the week.


Marketing plan

There’s more coming on this subject, but doing this one powerful action today will set your business in motion towards meeting your financial goals.

Ready to make your Money Map? Make your Money Map and email me a photo of it, and I will email you back some coaching pointers.

Want more support on this subject? Our Creative Wealth Builders program might be the perfect fit for you. Read more about it, and if you’re interested, fill out my online coaching application so I can take a deeper look at your business profile, and point you in the direction of ease and prosperity in your life and business.

Kind Regards,

Heidi Schlenk