When money comes into your life, how do you treat it?

Often times, income is not fully noticed or honored. You see it come in, notate it in your records, and move on with your day.

But are you really connecting emotionally to money?





Money is not just a number in your account, or a dollar bill. Money has energy. And the more you tune into that energy and feel it, the more you will be able to develop the relationship with money that you desire.

If you have had a negative relationship with money, such as

  • working too hard for it
  • ignoring it
  • obsessing about it
  • fearing it will leave you

Then you haven’t really ever been connected to the true spiritual divinity of Money.

Money loves you. Money would never hurt you or leave you.

Growing up, or in your adult experiences, people may have hurt you by keeping Money from you, or using Money as a weapon, but Money has always loved you.

Together, you and Money can have a yummy relationship.

If this is blowing your mind, I invite you to meet Money for the first time today.

In my Money Reset Retreat, I use the analogy of Money as Your Soulmate, or Money as Your Lover.

This is what I suggest you try on.

Find a place to sit in the sunshine, breathe deeply, and ask your Soulmate Money to introduce himself or herself to you.

Notice: what is his (or her) personality like? What do you like about Money? What adventures do you want to create with Money?


Write it all down.

And commit to creating a healthy, yummy, adventurous relationship with this being, Money.

And don’t forget: Money wants to be received by you. Money wants to be noticed, loved and honored by you.

When Money comes to you, how are you receiving Money?

I suggest becoming more aware of this.

You can develop your receiving muscle by creating a Money Receiving Ritual

You can…

  • Say thank you.
  • Tell Money you love him (or her).
  • Write a love letter to Money.
  • Find a sacred object you touch, every time Money joins you in your love affair.

What will you include in your Money Receiving Ritual?

If you want to hear more, watch my recent Facebook Live video “Your Money Receiving Ritual.”

Pardon any imperfections…this is my year to feel the fear and do it anyway, imperfections and all!


I look forward to hearing what happens for you as you grow your Money relationship.

Warm Regards,