When I create art, the emotionality of my daily life is allowed to breathe. Questions that have bubbled in my consciousness for days come forward. Differing opinions and feelings come out to talk to one another. My ultimate goal is to process, not just my personal perceptions, but also the ecstasies and troubled contradictions in the collective human experience. Once these themes are painted, photographed and embroidered, a tapestry is created. Within this context, my consciousness is able to travel forward.

A theme I explore in depth is the divine feminine. Whether this be the role of motherly nurturer, as suggested in the anti-war fiber piece “Potential”, the symbolic fertility in the collage “One Woman Holds Us”, or the spiritual power of the temptress who lives for her own pleasure in the piece “Abundance”, the female archetype is alwa

ys present in my work. My work portrays the positive aspects of each role, and also inspects the stereotypes entrapped in our own perceptions.

Through a woman’s perspective, I create a mirror. From this vantage point, I can ponder. The confessional and reflective qualities of my work become the swelling of juice, my blanket of nourishment.

Art is my meditation. It is a conduit through which energy and light are channeled. My visual senses guide me and I do not question the path, destination or end product. I trust my intuition. Staying present with my paint as I mix it and mold it, is equivalent to being present in the Now. From this poetic process, I am uplifted.

My textile piece “No” travelled through America, including Pittsburgh at the Society for Contemporary Craft and the Memorial Art Gallery of Rochester, in Rochester, New York in the international exhibition Fiberart International.

This exhibition was highlighted in the following sources:


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 15, 2010

“Fiber Arts” magazine, September/October issue

My large photographic collage “One Woman Holds Us” was displayed in the People’s Choice Gallery Exhibition in the Austin City Hall in 2010. My pieces have also been shown in local shows including Studio 2 Gallery, Artspoken, Gallery DV8, the East Austin Studio Tour and the 5X7 Show at The Arthouse at the Jones Center.