I used to think New Year’s was Meh.

That all changed the year my sister showed me just how meaningful New Year’s can be.

We built a big fire outside in my fire pit and took our time with a ritual that was so simple and cathartic: lighting one leaf at a time, then throwing each one into a fire, pronouncing out loud exactly what we were “letting go” of.

Let it burn

This year I’m on a mission….I want to be a student of New Year’s rituals and share them with as many people as possible.

Here are a few ideas for starters, then I invite YOU to add in your favorite New Year’s Ritual on my Facebook thread. Fun! Me happy! 🙂

New Year’s Rituals….

  1. Do a BURN ritual…This is the process of LETTING GO. I like to light leaves, then drop them into the fire, one at a time, or sometimes by the handful, each time proclaiming what I am letting go of. Also fun to burn, are old letters or anything that has bad energy that is ready to be released. What old behaviors are you ready to let go of? What limiting beliefs are you ready to let go of? What lies are you ready to let go of? Throw them into the fire, baby.
  2. Light Candles all over your house…this holds Sacred Space for the transition into the New Year that is about to happen.
  3. Make a Shrine for something that you want to think about, honor, manifest in the New Year.hs-3
  4. Prosperity Ritual: Use your Feng Shui Wisdom to Clear out the upper left area of your home (basically the when you enter your house, go to the far back left corner). After it is clean, clean, clean and organized, add prosperity symbols such as a water fountain, Buddha sculpture and coins, wind chimes, or crystals.
  5. Take a soothing bath with essential oils and crystals. Use a book or online resource or two to determine which crystal is needed at this time. Crystal Energy
  6. Get rid of some shit. QUICKLY rid of crap in your closets. Don’t question your intuition. You know what it’s time to let go of. If a fear comes up, “But if I let go of this, I will lose ____” , quickly write down 5 ways you will never lose _____.  That thing in your closet is just a symbol of that person, value or experience you are holding on to. Lighten the load.
  7. Come up with ONE WORD or PHRASE that symbolizes who you want to BE next year. Write it really BIG and post it up on your office wall, or write it on your bathroom mirror.
  8. The Zen of Sweeping: Sweep your front porch to ensure easy passage of positive energy through your home. Sweep your back porch, releasing negative energy from your life, and blessing it as you sweep, so that it will be transformed into positive energy as it moves on.
  9. Journal Retrospective…take a look at your journal entries from the last year and ask some questions… What did I learn about myself ? What did I learn about my business? Where did I succeed? What did I learn from my mess-ups? If I could paint a picture of who I want to be in my life and biz next year, I would BE….and I would DO..
  10. Do a brain dump for ALL of your crazy desires. Write each one of them down. Let them flow. If you want to do it the Danielle Laporte Desire Map way, you can write desires for each category of your life: 1) Relationships, 2)Wellness/health,  3) Creativity/learning/hobbies, 4)Livelihood/Moolah/Cash and 5)Spirituality/Soul/Higher Self. * Desire
  11. NOW….you’ve written down a lot. And we all know how those Long, long New Year’s Resolution lists and very broad Vision Boards turn out. The fact is that they do not. There’s too much data. Our brains cannot grab onto anything to focus on.Know this:  the true power of your intentions lies in simplicity and focus. I invite you to write ONE personal habit or quality you are ready to let go of or expel and ONE personal habit or quality you are ready to embrace, nurture and commit with all of your heart to. Boom. Done.
  12. Take a walk in nature and just ASK Spirit, what Spirit wants for you in the New Year. Don’t fight any of the answers. Don’t try to “calendar in” anything. Just take one or two key messages into your HEART. This is what God wants for you right now.

Spirit Wants
13. Last but not least, go fill a Big Ass paintbrush FULL of luscious, dripping paint and paint something BIG, because this is your year to go Big. It could be a BIG stroke on a canvas, a BIG stroke in a big journal, or a BIG stroke on your clean sidewalk. Let it come easily with no self-doubt allowed because YOU, my love, are so worthy and brilliant.



That is my short list…now I need you to help me round out the list until it is completely full and robust. I invite you to help me add to the list until we reach 100 FABULOUS ideas. Just follow my Facebook thread today, and we’ll make it happen!

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Until then, I will see you on Facebook, and let’s amp this New Year’s up!


Much love,