Notice Your Progress, So You Can Keep Growing

I want to take you on a little journey in your own mind, so that you can continue to grow and thrive.

Take a seat, with some water beside you, and remember back 5 years.

Envision what you were doing, and what you were feeling. What did your business look like? How were you feeling back then?

Get an image in your head of yourself on this very day, 5 years ago. Keep this image in mind, as we will use it in a moment.

Next,  I want you to think of yourself today. What are you like now? How do you experience life? People? Money? Your business?

How have things changed?

Get an image in your head of yourself today.

Almost as if you were holding up two images, side by side, hold up (in your mind) the image from 5 years ago on the left, and today’s image on the right.

You’ve made SO much progress.

In your journal, write down all the things you’ve learned about yourself, life and business in the past 5 years.

Pretty radical, huh?

I want to encourage you to begin, ON A DAILY BASIS, noticing your own progress. I include this as part of my End of the Day Closing Ritual. 

Sometimes I don’t want to make time for this.  I want to finish up my day and jump into what’s next.

But just like spiritual practice, it is of upmost important to the growth of you on the inside. 

You are the engine that runs your business. Take the time to know that person….to dote on her, acknowledge her, and honor her.

You cannot be perfect in every action, and instead of going down a negative mental path, you can turn it back around to how are you growing?

Your dreams are real. And they are coming true. Deepen your faith, and look for the ways in which you and your business are progressing.

You will have both good days and bad days, but you are always making progress. Keep taking consistent action, knowing that each small action is building to a monumental creation, called Your Dream.

Honor each action, and most importantly, honor yourself. 

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Honor Your ProgressRegards,

Heidi Carter