It’s not unlike women to underestimate their own power. 
Everything about you has the power to have impact: 

  • your words
  • your presence
  • your professional work

How many times has someone complimented you and you found yourself compelled to minimize it, as you faced the discomfort of someone telling you how incredible you are?

The discomfort comes from generations of conditioning. Back in the day, womens’ names were not included in family estates.

Your very own mother may have stayed at home raising wonderful children, and scrubbing the whole house every week for years and never been paid a cent. 

Today things are different. However, the emotions are still in your genes, and you must use deep awareness to notice the subtle ways you still buy into the belief that, while you may be good at certain things, you’re not incredible

The truth is that you are incredible. 

You’re i
mperfect also. AND INCREDIBLE.

It’s time that we, as women begin owning this.

How are you incredible in your business?

Think about all the clients you served in 2017. You deeply impacted each one of them.

Make a long list of how you impacted your clients. How did you change their lives forever?

Remember: it’s in your emotional genes to not own your power and share it with others.

Will you fight back?

Connect with powerful you

I made my list today. I am willing to share it with you.
Even though my emotional genes tell me that sharing is
* bragging, and therefore wrong
* pompous, and will estrange prospective clients

But the truth is, this exercise is for everyone. It’s a challenge. And the ultra-challenge is to write it, and share it with others, without worrying that you are “bragging.”

So, please allow me to be vulnerable and stand in my own glow, and share this glow, with you as my witness. 

I helped my clients…

  • create a Higher Connection with Money
  • learn how to work with Money in a partnership
  • create positive Money habits
  • replace self-sabotage with self-love and acceptance
  • expand their view of what’s possible
  • scale their business
  • receive more Money
  • believe they are valuable
  • connect to their truth
  • open up their creativity
  • heal Money blocks
  • define their value
  • raise their prices
  • feel excited about their purpose
  • take huge, scary actions and reap the rewards

What does your list look like?
Are you willing to write it? Are you willing to share it with others?

Your zone of genius means that you are very good at a couple of very specific things. Do you know what those things are?

Make your list of how you impacted your clients (AND friends, colleagues, partners/spouses, and family members, as well as strangers on the street)…and your answer will emerge. 

You are very special, and very talented.

Pinpoint what those talents are and acknowledge: You Change Lives. 

My hope for you is that acknowledging this will help you 

  • feel a deeper confidence
  • know why you are worthy of a raise
  • raise your prices 
  • hold your head up higher in 2018!

You’re amazing, and we love you!

Now, just make sure you are loving yourself enough, dahlin.

Love Yourself darkest