When people hear the word “Business“,  the LAST thing they think of is Painting.

But a simple, daily practice of painting—in your creative journal or canvas—can bring your business

  • inspiration
  • clarity
  • and ultimately, prosperity

Let’s take a look….

Running a heart centered business takes commitment from ALL of you. That includes

-the right and left sides of your brain…creativity + logic

-both your feminine and masculine energies

So if we were to think of this in terms of fractions it would break down like this:

1/4 right brain (creativity)

1/4 left brain (logic)

1/4 feminine

1/4 masculine

Painting is a DIRECT LINE to your creative, feminine energy which is ONE HALF of the equation.

The right side of your brain is activated by you moving drips, paints and swirls around on your page or canvas.

The right side of your brain is responsible for

  • intuition
  • imagination
  • holistic awareness
  • daydreaming
  • creativity
  • stress management
  • autobiographical memory (remembering significant events)
  • connection
  • attachment
  • empathy
  • self-awareness
  • rhythm
  • passion

With all of these aspects activated, ideas start popping up. Creative solutions arise. Stress is relieved. And dopamine (a chemical in your brain that makes you feel pleasure) is released.


we are given a distraction, which in this example is a good thing.

Harvard University researcher and psychologist Shelley H. Carson, author of “Your Creative Brain,’’ says

 “A  distraction may provide the break you need to disengage from a fixation on the ineffective solution.’’

Ummm…as an entrepreneur have you ever gotten fixated on an ineffective solution?

Painting will get you out of that.

It gets you out of your own way, and into the solution.  Naturally. Beautifully.

And the biggest reason this happens, which is NOT mentioned in any of the studies,  is that it allow’s God to channel wisdom and creative solutions and love through your soul and out through your active hand.

Because let’s face it, sometimes your “logical” solution won’t solve anything. Logic is part of our protective inner systems set in place to help us survive. But how can you reach for the moon and go for your biggest Mission when your protective logic is telling you, “Nope. Wouldn’t be prudent.” ???



Color &


all unlock your

Entrepreneurial Creativity

Yes, that’s right, you miss your OWN wisdom when you fail to make the space and time to unleash your Creative Vision.


As a coach, I always hold the belief that my clients are creative, resourceful and whole.

Painting is the link to all of these, in particular the creative part.

Painting is  s a place you can’t fail. Within a week of working with me, I’ve had clients come to understand that they don’t have to worry about whether they are an “artist” or not….they get to create for the sake of creating.

create sake creating

I say, painting is about allowing your soul to speak. And your whole business came from your soul, so why would your soul not need this outlet?

When I paint, I always leave my creative journal open beside me and go back and forth from painting to journaling. Pretty soon…

  • ideas start flowing in
  • my body’s senses start opening up
  • I feel connected to God and myself
  • inspiration hits
  • whole new chapter of ideas the next morning

I record ideas as they flow in, then I have a whole new chapter of ideas the next morning. And I feel juiced to keep going!

What's Possible Here

Will you…

  • Begin engaging your own entrepreneurial creativity?
  • Make some time to move your paint around across the pages of your journal or on a canvas to get clarity and inspiration in your business?
  • Let go of the results and look, instead,  at what your soul is trying to say about your business?

Call to action: spend 10 minutes moving some paint or watercolors or even markers around on a page, then ask yourself : “What do I really want to create in my business right now?”  And just SEE what happens. Then post on Facebook and tag me, so I can see what you are up to.

To summarize:

  1. get creative for 10 minutes
  2. ask yourself “What do I want in my biz?”
  3. Post on Facebook and tag me

I cannot wait to see how this transforms your business.

All my best,

Heidi Schlenk

Ways to work with me:

Electric Soul Visionary Circle starting in March

Coming Soon: Painting and Creative Journaling E-course