Heidi has the ability to see the world through the perspective of ever changing shape and light. Watching her work and working with her was a pleasure! I look forward to experiencing more! Heidi has opened my creativity to express more of my whole-self in unique and meaningful ways. She is always approaching the unapproached and exploring the unexplored which gives all of us permission to do so as well. Heidi is a truly inspiring, playful and a soul searching artist.

— Marianne MacKenzie, CSC, CPRC, Soul Coaching®



I am gratefully a patron of Heidi’s artist expression as I acquired two of her paintings for my home. One of the paintings “A Woman’s Essence” has come to symbolize my new beginning as I rediscover my creativity, celebrate my life so far, and ignite my womanly essence. Heidi embodies her vision of empowering women in her artist creations and teaching. Her paintings have brought me joy and her exuberance in supporting women in their path of enlightened creativity has inspired me! I feel a deep connection to Heidi as a partner in exploring my artistic evolution.

— Samara Siegfried, , M.Ed.



I am currently taking my third art class taught by Heidi. The first was expressive drawing, and while I have been an artist for years, mainly focusing on drawing mediums, she was able to help me to open my eyes and soul to what I was putting on paper. Heidi is very free and expressive with her drawing, and helped me to loosen up and just let the image take form, something which I have struggled with for years. In Abstract Acrylic Painting, she has helped me to dive in even deeper…to experiment freely and feel the rhythm of my art. Her attitude toward art is refreshing, a perfect balance of structure and throwing the rule book out the window. Now when someone asks me “what kind of art do you do?” my answer will now be “I draw, but I paint as well.” Thank you Heidi for your help in discovering a talent that I never knew I had!

— Jennifer Albrecht, Photographer, Artist



Heidi is a gifted teacher and guide, opening you to your own creativity with grace and care. She holds a beautiful space as a facilitator—safe, and open, yet also stimulating and challenging. My art pieces are better and richer as a result of her teaching. And I just LOVE her retreats—beautiful, restful and spiritually restorative. After working with Heidi, I am more confident in my artistic voice. After her retreats, I am more open to my spiritual side.

— Katherine Torrini, CPCC, Creativity Expert and Certified Life Coach



Heidi asked me to model for her goddess photo shoot…. she was photographing a series of models embodying different aspects of the goddess. She asked me this at a time when I was deeply entrenched in motherhood, marriage, work, and not feeling very good about my appearance or my weight. We traveled around the city in costume and she helped pose me in positions that channelled the goddess energy through me and through her lens. It was a gift to me at that time to work with Heidi and see myself as she saw me… powerful, beautiful, divine. It is easy to feel this at some times in life, and more difficult at other times…. but Heidi invariably seems to summon those qualities from those around her. It is a blessing to know her and work with her indeed. Thank you, Heidi.

— Inger Myhre, Austin Stylist


Heidi is a wonderful teacher who lets you explore your own style while giving constructive gentle feedback. Heidi has helped me be more confident in expressing myself in acrylic paint and mediums, her exploratory style has helped me play more with unfamiliar products and her classes give opportunities to share and try different techniques in a playful way.

— Michelle Wald, Bodyworker by day, Artist by night



Heidi is amazingly talented and has non-stop creative energy. I think that is why I am drawn to her. Just walking into her house is so inspiring and makes me feel inspired to run home and create my own art. Everything about her is creative from her hair to her clothing to all the different types of art in her home. Her photography made me see a completely different style of fine art photography. I am in awe that she can create so many things and never stop or get burned out. I remember once, years ago , she challenged me to do more photography and see how far I could take it. Look at me now. 🙂

–Lori Gola, Photographer and Artist


Heidi is an amazing, motivating artist, who teaches by sharing her gift of experience and knowledge. Her creativity is infectious and fun. Heidi’s presence in my life has empowered me to listen to myself and go for my dreams. She has this fabulous aura about her that spreads to those in her life. I feel honored to be around her, to learn from her confidence and strength as a woman.

–Allison Kramer, Teen Life Coach



Heidi is a generous instructor, freely sharing her knowledge of various techniques and her passion for creativity. As a student in her classes, I felt nurtured and encouraged in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Heidi maintains a classroom environment where students interact with one another in a respectful and coopertive manner. I always leave Heidi’s classroom feeling inspired and motivated. Through Heidi’s “Commit to Creativity” group and “Set your Intentions Workshop” I have become more willing to let go of self-limiting thoughts and patterns and to set and keep goals for myself. The spirit of camaraderie and moral support in these groups leaves me feeling energized and ready to keep forging my individual path as a woman and artist.

–Liz Barnett, Artist



Heidi is a very patient listener and doesn’t rush others to their conclusions. When I make art around her I feel I can turn off my inner critic and enjoy the process and the outcome.

–Emily Wethington, Certified Personal Trainer and Exercise Coach



When I talk with Heidi, things seem to slow down and it feels like a real exchange with someone. There is acceptance to think and say what I wish, which is very freeing, and she has reflective responses. It has helped me look at things from a different perspective.

–Sharyn Brady, Physical Therapist



In 12 years of knowing Heidi, I have gained solid, helpful, honest, support from the heart on mothering, career, and relationships. Through her humor, generosity and honesty she has helped me reach my potential on so many levels and I am grateful to know her.

–Michelle Gatto, Yoga instructor




Heidi is an encouraging, non-judgemental guide. I have taken several of her art classes and a retreat, and have gained sound knowledge and also greater openness and self confidence with my creativity. Her ability to understand and respect others’ work, while simultaneously encouraging greater playfulness and experimentation, has led to my own growing freedom with artistic expression and acceptance of my own efforts. Heidi is organized, great at sharing resources, and fun!!!!!

–Annette Pearson, Artist



Being a novice at expressive art when I began her class, I received such needed one-on-one support and instruction from her. Each person’s sense of their own progress was obviously important to her and I loved the variety of media experimentation she offered. She made it fun! I hope our paths will cross again!

–Cindy Lippe, retired Business Administrator


My textile piece “No” was exhibited in Fiberart International 2010. This exhibition was highlighted in the following sources:


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 15, 2010

“Fiber Arts” magazine, September/October issue