When I first became a coach and began launching my packages, I “hit the streets” so to speak. I went to random gatherings and told everyone I met about what I did. Not a bad starting place, but there’s a MUCH easier formula.

No matter who your ideal client is, there are business owners out there that can connect you to TONS of your peeps in one fell swoop.

This is one of the several reasons it is super important to start developing relationships with other entrepreneurs in your field. Think of it like a grove of trees. You don’t want to try to develop relationships with EVERY entrepreneur in your field. You want to carefully choose others who share your mindset,  have integrity, AND are (at a minimum) at the same level you are in your business, but hopefully ABOVE your level.

Today I want to share Three Ways to Develop Relationships to Bring Prosperity to Your Business.











ONE:  Getting Referrals

Everyone needs referrals. The best way to get them is not through your friends and family or even your one-on-one clients who think you are awesome. Of course, any referral that brings you business is helpful.  However, I encourage you to target personal relationships with those in your field who are VERY well connected. When THESE geniuses get to know and trust you and see the genius of what you are offering, they can easily tap their contact list and put you in touch with EXACTLY the right events, collaborators, and clients.

Build Relationships in Business













TWO: Giving Referrals

A relationship is a two way street. Giving back to this new friend is imperative. And the more you grow to love and respect this person, the more you will WANT to give to this person. Ways to spread the word about them: word of mouth, plug their website in your blog, talk about them positively on Facebook and tag them, pass out their business cards at networking events. Another way to give back is to actually get involved in whatever it is they are creating. Sign up for their workshops, buy their products, pay them money!!!

This is not a time to get into scarcity thinking (i.e. I cannot afford it and have to save every penny). Remember the flow of abundance doesn’t work that way. You must spend and invest in your business for that same prosperity to come back to you. And the more you show up in the universe as a prosperous business owner who can afford to invest in her business, the more the universe will receive that message and bring it to you.

You can also give in a non-monetary way just by having their back. Show up to help them sort flyers. Help them prep for their events.  Essentially, give them moral support.

The most important thing to remember here is to show up as the real you. Do not help to “get” something. Do not help because you read it in this blog. Love from your heart, and give from your heart.

THREE: Co-Creation

Mark my words, I will never host another teleseminar, workshop, or retreat alone EVER AGAIN!!! Omg, it is so much more

  • easy
  • prosperous
  • & FUN to host events with other like-minded entrepreneurs

Didn’t we get into this line of work to create freedom, financial prosperity and enjoyment?

The bottom line is that I am just one brain. BUT, I have a lot of great ideas and connections. So, when I join hands with another great brain, the synergy our perceptions and plans create is compelling.

And our rolodex of contacts is instantly doubled, which means easier registration, and more prosperity. Dang, that’s some powerful strategy.

CALL TO ACTION: Right now, on a piece of paper, jot down ideas of who might be a potential partner. This person should  be someone you:

  1. respect
  2. enjoy
  3. believe in

It should be someone who has similar values; someone you’d be happy to invite into your home or travel with on a business venture.

Post this up in your office and start strategizing how you can GIVE and RECEIVE.