Do you respect money?


In past blogs, I have likened money to a romantic partnership.


If we can agree that any romantic partner wants to be respected and paid attention to, then we can see that in our relationship with money, we need to be respectful and mindful.


So my question for you today: how do you treat incoming PHYSICAL money? Dollar bills. Change. Checks. Incoming Paypal payments. Anything you can hold OR anything that with one (physical) click, transfers money to your account.


When your BODY is coming into contact with incoming money it is of upmost importance to put aside whatever else could take your attention, and give that attention to money.


You said you wanted more money. You said you wanted a higher income. You said

you wanted financial independence. The universe is delivering that to you. Be very aware in these moments.


Example: you pull money out of your bank. The teller hands you the cash. What then? Do you count it? Where do you put it?


My practice is 3-fold:

  • Money comes into my hands. I say “Thank you.”
  • I count the money to make sure it is accurate (respect).
  • I carefully order the money, from largest to smallest bills.
  • I put my money in one of two slots in my organized wallet: either personal money or family money.

I used to crumble it up in my wallet, which would get so enlarged, I couldn’t even snap it closed. Total disrespect.


The same is true for outgoing money: showing gratitude. Paying attention to how much is going out. Saying, “Thank you!”


There is more than enough to pay this bill. Thank you!


When you pay attention to the physicality of money, you pay attention to the spiritual energy of money. And the more you do this, the more you will put yourself in the flow of giving and receiving money.