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Here’s What My Clients Have Been Able To Achieve:

After working with Heidi for 4 months, I've generated 4 million in sales, which means I've deposited $100,000 into my bank account!

"When I began working with Heidi I was very concerned about salvaging my year because of the business I lost in Covid, and I wanted to make sure I could get through the year.

After working with Heidi for 4 months, I’ve generated $4M in sales, which has meant that I've deposited $100, 000 into my bank account.

In addition, I have $7M in the pipeline for potential business 2021!"

Once I started working with Heidi and connecting with Bear, my income exploded!

"Before I started working with Heidi, I felt very combative with money. It had been something I equated with overworking. I was kind of a recovering workaholic and had gone back and forth in my career from high performing, high achieving, high paying jobs that sort of took over my life, to being burnt out and underearning and underachieving.

I wanted to break the pattern but I didn’t quite know how.

I also had a deep belief that money made you a bad person which came from  my family history with money. My grandmother was quite wealthy and not a particularly loving human. I’d had some experiences working with people in the corporate world who used money as an excuse for bad behavior. I didn’t want to be a bad person and that meant that I shouldn’t make a lot of money. 

I feared that making a lot of money made me a bad person. I believed “if I make a lot of money I will be making it off of other people’s misery or misfortune. 

Working with Heidi was a real catalyst for me to figure out how to get out of my own way, and get on my own side. 

The spiritual connection to money manifested for me as a Bear; a large, brown, grizzly bear, who is my Money Soulmate. Bear is the personification of the spiritual power of money and how I think of money in that it is strong, big, infinite, playful, wise, and powerful. 

Bear is a constant in my life. It is the strongest spiritual connection I think I’ve ever had. I have a Bear tattooed on my wrist, and he is with me at all times. Bear is everywhere. I’ve got pictures of Bear, Bears all over my house, on my phone…

The connection with Bear with Money helps me remember to be grounded, to be centered, that it’s a flow, that it’s an energy and that this energy is huge, infinite and abundant. 

Once I started working with Heidi and connecting with Bear, my income just kind of exploded.  

I tend to be crisis driven at times, and these are the things that make Bear laugh. It forces me to take myself much less seriously. Just being able to switch my mindset and have a source inside of me, changes the way I’m thinking and feeling, the moment I dial into him. It’s amazing."

Our company had its first $225K month!

"Working with Heidi has really impacted me and impacted my business.  A lot of times as entrepreneurs we don’t realize that our business can’t develop beyond where we are personally. So if you want to grow your business you have to grow yourself.

For me, I had a successful business, but I sometimes had scarcity mentality, and even though the company was doing well, it was really hard for me to pay myself, to not be in fear and to grow that abundance mindset personally.

I didn’t know this in the beginning, but working with Heidi showed me that but I had a lot of guilt around prosperity and doing well personally.  And then I realized, the better I do, the better I do for my company and employees. 

I have an abundance mindset now.

After working with Heidi for awhile, we had our best month ever, this summer.  I had never broken $200, 000 in company dollar in one month, and we ended up at $225, 000. So it’s been a huge breakthrough for us and I appreciate the growth and learning and know that we can continue to experience more abundance."

I closed a $1.2 million dollar deal!

"Heidi has helped me address self-created roadblocks that I did not even know were there. One month I made a huge amount and felt guilty. 

She zoomed in on the subtle self sabotage and fears that were sidetracking my success, and helped me move past them.

I had been taught that wealthy people were suspect, then I learned that there’s nothing morally superior about being broke. 

I realized that if I just focused on doing what I’m passionate about and doing it well, then money  just flows into my life, and it’s okay to be highly compensated for that.  I learned how to handle money and not to block that flow.

Now I have clarity about my business vision and the confidence to create my dreams. I just landed one of my biggest deals ever and know there is so much more to come. Currently, I am helping a past client purchase a $1.2 million dollar home and sell the current $500k home at the same time. Practicing with authenticity and love for my clients keeps them coming back. My prosperity mindset has allowed me to focus on the service and I KNOW that prosperity comes from that. Now that I can allow myself to be successful and prosperous, nothing is standing in my way."

I doubled my number of clients, and went from one employee to eight!

"Oh my goodness!!! My business has grown exponentially after working with Heidi for over a year.

When Heidi first became my coach, my studio had about 100 students, and I had 1 teacher working for me. I had never thought about my relationship with money as a relationship. I just thought it was a “thing.” I had never mapped out a business plan with focused monthly and weekly activities to complete and master. I was living life on a hamster wheel with no clarity in my vision for growth (just had some ideas I wanted to pursue) and no plan to put into place HOW I was going to grow. I had no website, and no accounting/ invoicing/ calendar online system.

NOW I have 229 active students (and 18 waiting!) with 8 teachers teaching under me and still growing! I have learned not to put a cap on my expectations of growth. My relationship with money and myself is strong and loving. I highly recommend working with Heidi!"

I've doubled my business billing!

"Through the money work I did with Heidi I have over doubled my billing this year! 

She helped me get over the mindset that I was unworthy​; t​hat it just wasn’t my place to be higher-level privileged in monetary ways. ​Now I truly ​feel ​comfortable standing in a confident money space. ​ 

I​ ​have learned to accept and embrace my value in relation to dollars. I learned not to carry guilt about wanting, enjoying, ​and ​having money. ​

Heidi helped me ​gain confidence-connecting with what I’ve done, what I offer, my REAL value and standing tall and proud behind that. She taught me how to develop a relationship with money that is a partnership, a love, a friendship, a trust, a reliance.​"

I rewrote my ancestral money story and turned my annual income into quarterly income!

"Working with Heidi was one of the greatest gifts I could have given myself and my business. Heidi is a wonderful mix of supportive care and insightful guidance.

Heidi kindly guided me through deep work to rewrite my ancestral money story and release a scarcity mindset. Heidi deeply supported me, always with care, as I created my signature coaching program. A program which allowed me to turn my annual income into quarterly income.

Heidi held the space for me to believe in myself, even before I could. Most importantly Heidi gave me the tools and techniques, when needed, to reconnect with money and honor the Divine process. Thanks to Heidi, I know I am just getting started!"