Once Thanksgiving is over, I am tempted to join everyone else in the frenetic energy of  getting ready for the next big holiday. I am tempted to try to keep going 100% in my biz AND get everything done perfectly for my family. Can you relate?

If you struggle with expecting perfection from yourself, the Perfectionist Grinch has got you just where he wants you during the holidays. You know the drill:

  • presents better be perfect
  • you’ve got to still perform at 100% at work (you’re Superwoman, come on!)
  • food better be perfect
  • house better be perfect
  • keep going until you get it all done

As I explained in my Facebook Live yesterday, perfectionism actually can put your health at risk.

I am saying NO to perfectionism and YES to imperfection this holiday, will you join me?


It is really the IDEA of perfectionism, that may be keeping you from slowing down in your life and business. You feel the need to go, go and do, do, and it’s all based on the idea that you have to be everything to everyone, and do things perfectly.

Ironically, you can gain more business progress by slowing down, getting quiet and meditating.

I invite you to find peace as you end 2016. To slow down and notice your loved ones next to you. To feel grateful to even be an entrepreneur. To honor the income that you created, and open yourself up for more.



There is a spiritual way to create prosperity in your business.

Slow Down to Speed Up.



peaceful-2016prosperous-2017-1Last month, through the practice of doing a daily seated meditation asking God to show me how to create abundance in my business, I broke an income record.

If you don’t believe me that slowing down can create more business success, here are a few quotes that I hope will inspire you and activate you to go inward on a regular basis.

Paradoxically, they should try slowing down instead. In our study of 343 businesses (conducted with the Economist Intelligence Unit), the companies that embraced initiatives and chose to go, go, go to try to gain an edge ended up with lower sales and operating profits than those that paused at key moments to make sure they were on the right track. What’s more, the firms that “slowed down to speed up” improved their top and bottom lines, averaging 40% higher sales and 52% higher operating profits over a three-year period.

Jocelyn R. Davis & Tom Atkinson, Harvard Business Review

There’s a good reason why leaders in every industry need to drop their usual agenda a few times a year. As humans, our tendency is to push ourselves to the finish line, beating ourselves up if we so much as pause in pursuit of our goals, which consequently depletes us of the energy we need to think creatively about the challenges we face at work and at home. This is not a good recipe for showing up as a centered leader for your organization or team.

Rebecca Shambaugh, Huffington Post

Take some time today to open up your journal and fill in the blanks.


Journal Prompt:

In the next week, I will take time for myself each day:








Write it down! Get your outdoor walk, yoga, one hour bath, or business meditation time in your schedule.

Share on Facebook what you will do to slow down and take care of YOU this week.

Kind Regards,

Heidi Carter