A 10 Week Business Course for Women Who Are Ready to Lead

Do you feel called to lead and share your body of work with the world, but scared your next level of success will detract from a certain aspect of your life, like your family?

Have you reached a level of success you never thought was possible, but find  yourself wanting to enjoy your business & client creation process more?

It's time to open your heart to more, and deepen your faith that there is a way to continue your success AND enjoy the process in a very deep way.

We invite you to the Soulful Business Mastery Course, which will propel you forward and help you to:
  • Connect to Your Business Mission So You Can Feel Passionate About Your Actions
  • Feel Your Own Power, So You Can Step Into Leadership & Have More Impact on the World
  • Develop a Positive, Expansive Relationship with Money so You Can Receive More
  • Refine Your Ideal Client Avatar, So You Can Attract the Clients Who Need You
  • Connect Spiritually in Your Business Practice, So Your Actions Can Feel Aligned
  • Create an Effective, Soulful Client Creation Process That Feels Authentic and Natural
  • Tap Into Your Own Creativity, So you Can Open Up Your Own Potential
  • Learn How to Attract Powerful Clients for Your Signature Programs
  • Open Yourself Up to Receiving More Abundance & Having More Fun in Your Business
  • Gain Clarity About What to Launch in Your Business So You Can Move Forward
  • Use Your Creativity to Create an Aligned Marketing Plan That Feels Authentic to You

Join us for this 10 week course that will forever change how you do business.

It is time for you to believe in yourself, boost your impact,  and escalate your earning potential.

Here's How It Works:


The Four Pillars

We will begin with the Four Pillars of the course:

* Connection--Spiritual Connection, Connection to Yourself, & Connection to Others

* Mission--Your Business Mission

* Prosperity Mindset--Your perspective of what is possible financially

* Focus--Your Business Focus, which will be journaled about and put into a strategic plan to bring you success

As you know, a woman with a plan, is a powerful woman indeed.

During this course, you will create an aligned marketing plan, that will allow you to create more clients and income with fun and ease.



All the while, you will have the SBM Course's four pillars at your disposal, with beautiful modules for each one, so you can dive in for growth where needed!


One Core Business Focus

During our time together, we will study and uphold the Four Soulful Business Mastery Pillars:

  • Connection: Spiritual Connection, Connection to Self & Connection to Others
  • Mission: Your Business Mission
  • Prosperity Mindset: Your Perspective on What is Possible Financially
  • Focus: We will Define, Develop and Plan Your Business Focus

Weekly Soulful Business Modules

Each week you will work on a business module which will include a module for you to read and study.

For a full list of module topics, see the course schedule below.


The success of your launch depends on you disregarding distractions and honing in on your success!

The Four Pillars

This course includes 4 pillars that will jump start your biz:

  1. connection
  2. mission
  3. prosperity mindset
  4. focus

One Journal

You will use one journal for our course, which you will bookmark into 4 sections for the 4 pillars: Connection, Mission, Prosperity Mindset & Focus. In those sections, we will propel your business and prosperity forward!

  • 1

    Week One: Three Circles of Connection

    In this first week, you will define your Three Circles of Connection: Spiritual Connection, Connection to Self & Connection to Others.
    You will define your most effective path to spiritual connection, and deepen your commitment to your own version of daily spiritual practice.
    Putting your spiritual practice at the forefront of your business will allow inspiration to be channeled through you + empower you to succeed.
    You will also learn ways to more deeply connect to yourself and your own information, and feel confident enough to trust your intuition.
    Once fully connected spiritually and to yourself, we will define the most effective ways for you to connect to others in business.

  • 2

    Week Two: Prosperity Mindset + Money Mapping

    Week Two focuses on making sure you have a strong prosperity mindset. You will begin expanding your beliefs about what is possible financially. When you are in a place of being ready to receive the money you desire, the right clients and opportunities will show up for you.
    You will also learn how to create a monthly Money Map, to get super clear on how to meet your Income Intention.

  • 3

    Week 3: Your Business Mission + Values

    This week you will take a deep look at the "Why" behind your business, and define your Business Mission, which will help you stay connected to your business in a positive way, and also be the foundation for how you describe your business in all of your marketing. You will also define your values, which we will use in all of our coaching together.

  • 4

    Week 4: Your Business Superpower

    This week we will take a look at your personal strengths and pinpoint your Business Superpower. You will begin by taking a Strength Finders test, then follow a simple process to identify your Business Superpower.

  • 5

    Week 5: Your Aligned Offering

    This week I will take you through a process to pinpoint which business offering you wish to reveal or launch to the world, based on your passions and profitability.
    You will also choose a niche and complete in depth ideal client identification work.

  • 6

    Week 6: Your Aligned Marketing Plan

    This week you will get very specific about your marketing, and create a plan that feels aligned and true to you and your brand.

  • 7

    Week 7: Integration Week + Getting Ready for Your Business Reveal

    This week gives you time to integrate everything you've learned.
    Use this time to get geared up for your business reveal, setting up your online or in person events, social media plan, affiliation, landing pages etc.

  • 8

    Week Eight: Reveal Your Offering

    This is your week to begin sharing your marketing events, and creating buzz about the topics you will be exploring in the product or service you are launching.

  • 9

    Week Nine: Client Creation

    As you begin your launch, you will be lead through a process to define how you authentically create clients. Then, you will begin implementing your process and creating clients you love!

  • 10

    Week 10: Deepening the Learning & Defining What's Next For You

    After the completion of this course, your life will never be the same. You will approach business in a completely different way.
    During these 12 weeks, what did you learn about yourself? What did you learn about sharing your body of work and client creation?

What My Clients Are Saying About Me...

Denise Antoon

Heidi is an amazing and gifted coach. She is able to see things in you where you are stuck and pull them out for clarity and vision. She holds space for clients to really flourish and get out of their own way. I have worked with a lot of coaches and never had one so dedicated and passionate about her client’s success. Being at the worst point ever in my life, working with Heidi has brought me back to the root of my desires in life and business putting me back on track for the success I always thought I would have. Using creativity in her work she brings out the gifts that are unique to us. I would recommend Heidi 100%!!

Denise Antoon The Antoon Group
Jordana Ford

Heidi has helped me address self-created roadblocks that I did not even know were there. She has the ability to zoom in on the subtle self sabotage and the fears that sidetrack success. I have clarity about my business vision and the confidence to create my dream now. I just landed one of my biggest deals ever and know there is so much more to come. Currently, I am helping a past client purchase a $1.2 million dollar home and sell the current $500k home at the same time. Practicing with authenticity and love for my clients keeps them coming back. My prosperity mindset has allowed me to focus on the service and KNOW that prosperity would come from that. Now that I can allow myself to be successful and prosperous, nothing is standing in my way.

Jordana Ford Blue J Realty
Beth Liebling

 I am prone to understatements, so when I say that I wouldn’t have started my new business if I wasn’t working with Heidi, I mean it completely.  Her calm support, incredible insight and ability to help me focus my professional vision and direction have been my anchors during the past year.  I turn to her when I am feeling overwhelmed or adrift by the inherent challenges of a new venture and she has never failed to help me find a positive way forward.  I have gained new perspectives, more confidence, and many more resources than I ever would have imagined.  Heidi has surpassed all of my expectations for a coach and I recommend her to my friends and even my children regularly.  She is one of the best investments I have ever made; the dividends from working with her are immeasurable.

Beth Liebling Darling Way Boutique
Allison Crow

I’ve worked with MANY coaches over the last 10 years, and working with Heidi has been so completely different and so powerful. Until working with her, I never realized how working with my creativity, and in my art journals could help not just my life, but my own coaching practice. Heidi guided me through a process that birthed an image in my journal. THAT image became the foundation for the most powerful coaching program I have ever offered – I call it the Tulum Project. My program is almost full and thanks to my work with Heidi – I was able to create and fill a program that is truly unique and authentic and profitable at the same time. I’m so grateful for the space that Heidi guides me to create in my journals…and in my being. I AM UNLEASHED!

Allison Crow Allisoncrow.com
Shelley Delayne

When I first started working with Heidi, I knew I wanted to start a new business, but I wasn’t sure what to do. I had a million ideas and no clear direction. Just meeting Heidi casually and seeing her Facebook posts on a regular basis had been enough to spur me to start art journaling for the first time, so I was fairly sure she could help me dig out the right direction and nudge me toward it. I have never been more correct in my life: Heidi quickly helped me to create a safe and happy mindspace, where I could hear my inner voice speaking surely and clearly. Now I’m feeling clear on my purpose and passion and am eagerly pursuing my new endeavor: creating a creative, collaborative coworking space in south Austin, Orange Coworking!

Shelley Delayne Orange Coworking

Your Investment: $997

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Who is This Course For?

This course is for you if:

  • You are ready to make more income in your business
  • You crave a Divine Client Creation process that works well for you
  • You know you have a great inner power and mission inside you and are ready to have it illuminated
  • you are ready for change and growth
  • you are stronger in action, when supported by like-minded women

This course is not for you if:

  • you want change, but aren’t willing to make changes
  • you don’t believe in spiritual connection
  • you feel that the creative practice is a waste of time

Join the growing Soulful Business Mastery community and let this be your year to use your business savvy and natural gifts to make your mark on the world!


This dream of yours is attainable.

You are meant to succeed.

You are meant to express yourself powerfully, and make the income you desire.


I look forward to helping you claim and develop your Soulful Business Vision.


Kind Regards,

Heidi Carter