Everything you are creating in your life and business is 100% your responsibility.

As you know, you are the creator of your life. Your thoughts, beliefs, actions and energies create your experiences in life.

Like our beloved Wayne Dyer said: “As you think, you shall be.”

As a heart-centered  business owner, a lot is at risk for you if you allow yourself to go down the spiral of negative thinking. Positive thinking is essential to you creating what you want.

Not only do you risk feeling bad, and possibly entering depression, but you also risk not being able to attract the clients, experiences and income you desire in your business.

Positive thinking is essential to create the life and experiences you want.

So what can you do when negative feelings come up?

How can you respond differently to


-negative projections about the future

-jealousies ?

The first thing is to develop your awareness. Use a journal page and list them out…what are your negative triggers? What are the negative environments, situations, people, or thoughts that take you to that downward mental spiral?

Next,  what are the positive solutions? Positive-Muscle

An example, is sometimes when I have been working at home for too many days, I wake up feeling less cheerful than usual.  I get energy from people and adventure, hello.

I know one solution I can pick up is getting dressed, getting in my car and choosing to work  outside my home—at a co-working space, coffee shop or friend’s home.

Being positive will grant you all kinds of opportunities in your life and business.

But it’s also normal to experience a range of emotions.

Be sure to love yourself as you go through this process of leaning into shifting your mindset.

Keep going to the positive mindset “gym” for your workout (aka using this simple tool of picking up a solution and using it) and you will watch your presence and experiences become more of what you desire.

Much love, and watch this video for a little more description on this technique, and be sure to share your favorite Positive Solution in the comments below.

Regards, Heidi Carter