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LEAP Into Success

It took a lot of work to get where you are. The aligned success you have created is respectable and commendable. AND….there’s More. As a creative

Upgrade Your Business by Painting Once a Day

When people hear the word “Business“,  the LAST thing they think of is Painting. But a simple, daily practice of painting—in your creative journal or canvas—can bring

New Year's Rituals...Let's Reach 100!

I used to think New Year’s was Meh. That all changed the year my sister showed me just how meaningful New Year’s can be. We built a big

4 Ways to Heal the Money Wound in Women Entrepreneurs

Most women entrepreneurs have some kind of money wound they have had to overcome. Whether it was hearing growing up that there wasn’t enough hearing growing

How to Get Naked with Your Painting + Other Magical Tips

My first painting mentor left me feeing high and dry when she refused to direct me. I asked her…   How Do I Create My Own Style?

How to Create a Studio: My Story + 5 Tips

Something that can really hold back creatives is not having an inspired space to be creative.    When my hubby and I bought our first house,

Fear Leads to Black Magic: A Guide to Keep Your Life & Business Clear

Are you making your life and business decisions from a place of fear? If so, stop everything you’re doing and tend to this FIRST. When you’re

Do you respect money?   In past blogs, I have likened money to a romantic partnership.   If we can agree that any romantic partner wants

Come out of Hiding: Launch NOW!!!

God played a joke on me when I became a coach.   I had always felt like I was in the minority. I was in the

When we first start a new business, we CRAVE success.    Then eventually, when success starts to show up, we’re like woah, woah, woah woah.  

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