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Are You Too Old? Are You Too Young?

Recently, someone spoke of a dream and said, “Yeah, but at this age, that ship has sailed.” I chuckled, because I most certainly have had that

Do You Hide Behind a Scattered Mind?

Does it ever make you feel important when you have a LOT going on at once? I admit it—I have used stress as a way to create excitement in

Are You Afraid to Slow Down?

When I really want to achieve something in my business, I have the desire to burn the midnight oils until it is done. Can you relate?

Upgrade Your Business by Painting Once a Day

When people hear the word “Business“,  the LAST thing they think of is Painting. But a simple, daily practice of painting—in your creative journal or canvas—can bring

How to Get Naked with Your Painting + Other Magical Tips

My first painting mentor left me feeing high and dry when she refused to direct me. I asked her…   How Do I Create My Own Style?

How to Create a Studio: My Story + 5 Tips

Something that can really hold back creatives is not having an inspired space to be creative.    When my hubby and I bought our first house,

Fear Leads to Black Magic: A Guide to Keep Your Life & Business Clear

Are you making your life and business decisions from a place of fear? If so, stop everything you’re doing and tend to this FIRST. When you’re

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