Wouldn't it be great if you could wake up each morning certain that you could make the amount of Money you desired?

How would it feel to love every part of earning, spending and saving Money?

Maybe you earn the income you desire, but still live in constant fear that it will go away, causing you to work all the time, instead of enjoying the success you've created.


Maybe you cannot seem to earn the income you want, and feel so defeated that you end up cursing Money and people that have Money.

The truth is that you love having Money, and always want more of it.

You also know the work you do in your business is worthy of healthy Money exchanges.

The problem is you think Money is just dollar bills and numbers in your account, and don't actually have a Love relationship with Money at all.

And if you are tired of the Money fears creeping in, even when you are earning well, I am here to tell you there is another way, and I am here to help.

It's time to look at Money with a new perspective.

It's time to use some new tools.


The Art of Divine Money

In the Art of Divine Money, you will see how three concepts

* Money


* & Outrageous Self-Love

are all interrelated, and when working together create ultimate harmony and fulfillment, both in your heart, and in your pocketbook.

Our time together will be focused on these topics:

  • Recognize the negative patterns in your old relationship with Money and break up with your old Money relationship
  • Get clear about what kind of relationship with Money you desire now
  • Meet your Soulmate Money
  • Develop your vision life vision with Money by your side
  • Create Sacred Vows with Money
  • Define and develop your #1 Key Money Maker
  • Connect to Money on a daily basis to strengthen the relationship
  • Define the healthy habits that will make your relationship with Money strong, and repeat them on a regular basis

Course Valued at $2497

Your Investment: $1997

One Time Payment of $1797 (Additional $200 savings)


Two Monthly Installments of $1035

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Here's What Some of My Clients Are Saying About The Art of Divine Money Course:

Melissa McKinnon

There tends to be a little bit of guilt about wanting to be outrageously successful, especially for women. In the Art of Divine Money mentorship, Heidi has been helping me to to feel like this is my destiny, and to believe in myself. I am learning how to tune into things more and pick up on nuances of money timing. I’m not nervous and fearful. I am listening to my intuition more, and that’s super important for business. My verbage in reference to money is also changing, and I think when you change your words, you change your world. I am beginning to open up to things and numbers. To have someone financially on my side, creates a safe place. Heidi is safe place. Through our work together, I am now talking to money every day, asking for guidance and blessings and saying “I will accept and receive.”

Melissa McKinnon Facial5 Dermacare
Janifer Wheeler

Whenever I think I think about Money, I feel positivity and joy.  Even if I have a setback, it’s all good because I know Money is never going to abandon me. Money loves me and is protecting me. I feel abundant and I know there’s more.

My relationship with Money is changing in that I now confer with and thank Money daily for being in my life. I speak to Money as an equal partner and am respecting Money more than in the past. I feel more confident in saying no to spending and more focused on saving and making the dreams for my future realities. Private Coaching with Heidi has been extremely beneficial in that I discovered some issues and solutions for those issues that I didn’t even know existed. Prior to this group, I journaled daily with specific intentions and communication with my spiritual guides and angels. I now feel a higher connection to them and to Money, now that I am also writing specifically to her. I was adverse to painting in my journal – I did not see how that would make a big difference and since I don’t feel artistic in that way, really didn’t want to do it. BUT, I did want to respect my commitment and expense for the course, so I now watercolor my journal pages regularly and feel such a sense of freedom. The pages are personal and I feel deeply connected to what I put on the paper in every way. I feel more open to receive what the universe and Money have to offer me. I actually feel weird when I don’t paint several times per week.

Janifer Wheeler Wheelhouse Learning Solutions
Lani Dame

When I think about where I was  8 weeks ago with Money, and where I am now, the biggest shift I am grateful for is that now I am building a lasting relationship with Money, whereas before, I gave Money attention sometimes, but now it’s a growing relationship where we are working together and building towards a future. Now I am actually wanting to save for things, which is huge.

It was good to take a look back in my Money history and how I’ve felt about Money, and take anything that was negative and turn it into powerful statements in the affirmations. I really enjoyed expanding my Money vision through painting and art, and using that to really create what I would like with Money.

I am starting to pay more attention to Money and give it more respect. I always felt like Money was my Money Goddess, and now I am creating the habits that keep me in the mindset of abundance and thankfulness, which is helping me.

I am also feeling more choice around Money. Now putting money aside for savings doesn’t feel like diminishing what I have. I am looking at my spending plan and noticing where money goes and recognizing that I have a choice about where I want to spend Money.


Lani Dame Fearless Growth Marketing

I look forward to helping you grow and prosper.


Heidi Carter