The Next Level of Business Success: Are You Actually Prepared?

Building a business takes time. It’s like climbing a mountain….every time you put time and energy into climbing up, you reach a new level. 

Sometimes, the climbing in your business feels hard. 

But the bottom line is that each morning you awake, and take action, you are climbing. It is happening. 

And with each step the view improves.

Take a moment to look at how far you’ve already come.

And know this: your efforts are building huge momentum, and once that ball begins moving at a certain speed, your business will face exponential growth very quickly. 

Definition of momentum: the strength or force that allows something to grow stronger or faster as time passes. 

So the question is not IF your business will be wildly successful, but rather WHEN. 

So…are you ready? Because it can be really scary when it hits, if you’re not prepared. Several months ago, I hit an income level that was thrilling at first, then scary.
When I took a look at my fear of success, it really boiled down to me not having enough
  1. automation 
  2. online content
  3. and hired help (admin assistant and house cleaner) set up in my biz and personal life 

I was afraid that if I ran WITH the momentum that was taking off, that I would be up until midnight every night and lose connection with my loved ones + suffer the loss of my health.

From this experience, as well as watching clients and colleagues, I believe in momentum. Absolutely it builds. Absolutely it takes off. 
You are the decider. You are in charge. You can always walk away from success. But knowing you, if you ever walk away, it is only temporarily, because deep down inside you crave achievement. So the real question is: Are you ready? 
Now is a great time to begin tweeking everything in your biz, in preparation for you reaching the next level. This will allow your next phase to feel exhilarating, rather than scary.
Here are some questions you can ask yourself, to prepare for the next level of your imminent success.
  1. Does my website really reflect who I genuinely am and what I do?
  2. Do I have a series of 3-5 emails that automatically get sent to new subscribers when they opt in?
  3. Do I have some less expensive online products newcomers can buy to warm up to me, to see if I am a fit for them?
  4. Do my loved ones know how to handle the tasks I usually do, in case I am called to travel?
  5. Do I have an admin assistant?
  6. Are my finances in order?
  7. if I had to take 1-3 months “off”–to write a book, or create something new with deep value, do I have a way to easily, with little effort, maintain my income?
  8. Do I have a list of references for things I will need to outsource such as housecleaning, accounting, design, promotional materials, website changes, copywriting?
  9. Is my headshot up to date?
  10. And most importantly, do I know the CORE PRACTICES that will keep my life full of health, ease, and fun, that I can post up, connect to every day and never abandon, no matter how much success shows up for me? (examples are exercise, spiritual practice, meditation, dietary choices, and time for creativity, rest and loved ones).


Do me a favor: cut and paste this list, print it out, and take 15 minutes to answer these questions in your creative business journal. 

Your next level of success is coming. I want you to be ready.
Kind Regards,