Everyone has a few good habits, and a few bad habits.

When it comes to Money, it is very important to know what your bad habits are, because they create not only your financial landscape, but also your emotional daily experience.

There are two main components of changing your Money relationship:

1)         the emotional/spiritual aspect

2)         the actions you are taking

You have Money habits for both of these two components.

If you are reading this, chances are you are someone who is always looking to improve yourself, and your Money situation.

Even if your relationship with Money is really strong, there is always room for improvement.

What Are Your Negative Money Habits?

Here are some examples of negative Money habits:

  • avoiding bills
  • failing to follow up with prospective clients
  • spending time only with people who make less money than you do + avoiding people who make more money than you do
  • undercharging
  • not knowing what your monthly income intentions are
  • avoiding creating a spending plan (or budget)

Are you ready to transform your negative Money Habits?

Transform Your Negative Money Habits

Transforming your money habits begins with deep awareness of your

  • thoughts
  • emotions
  • actions

As you go through your day, today, carry a piece of paper with you. Notice how you think about Money. Notice what you feel + which actions you take (or avoid).

On your paper draw two columns and label them :

Negative Money Habits Positive Money Habits


For each Negative Money Habit,  you can identify its opposite Positive Money habit.


Negative Money Habit: I avoid my bills, allowing the envelopes to pile up

Positive Money Habit: I open my bills immediately, and thank Money for paying them for me
Another example:

Negative Money Habit: I avoid spending time with people who make more Money than I do

Positive Money Habit: I have friends and business friends with varying incomes. I seek out success-minded people who are making the same amount or more Money than I am making, and I allow myself to feel inspired by their energy and learn from their success.

This is the first step: being willing to explore any tiny or big ways that you are still holding yourself back with Money.

Inspired action going forward: email me one Negative Money Habit you are willing to transform. I will respond back with encouragement and tips (and won’t try to sell you anything).

You can transform your Money Habits, & ride the wind, free.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Create Positive Money Habits & Ride the Wind, Free.